Boreham Wood Football Club, would like to thank the decision makers at our local Tesco’s, for allowing the club to once again pack for our locals shoppers if they choose, on the busy pre Christmas days of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd December.

By packing on those days, the club hope to raise money for local good causes. This year our focus will be on trying to help an incredibly hard working group of staff and people. Namely, our very deserving local Mencap and Day Centre groups, who are based in Borehamwood.

Throughout this year, the club has been putting on tournaments and festivals of football this for the group, and for other similar groups from across Hertfordshire. We hope we are creating and establishing an environment of not only inclusion but participation. If we can continue that, if we can achieve that, then we know we are making a small difference to very deserving local people’s lives.

By bag packing at Tesco’s on the dates above, the club will also look forward to meeting with our supporters and the XM BP1whole community. As such, we hope local people will support our efforts to raise enough money, to buy our local Mencap and Day Centre groups a brand new football kit and equipment for the recently created Boreham Wood Disability football team.

We would also hope to provide this group with a well attended and funded Xmas party this year. Plus of course all the funds raised, will help to support the amazing work, now going on between the club and the staff from Mencap and The Day Centre.

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said “Tesco’s have once again excelled themselves, by giving us the opportunity to do something special for local people. All my staff, all our first team, our management team and academy, will give up their time ‘free of charge’ and hopefully we can raise a nice few bob for our local Mencap and Day Centre group”.

“All the monies raised, will go to buy a new kit, ensure they have any equipment they need, and in giving the groups a Xmas party to remember, it shows this town cares for its own. I’ll look to see if the club can perhaps double whatever’s raised over the three days, and that should ensure that our Mencap and Day Centre group are looked after by the club throughout the whole of 2017.

“As an added incentive for anyone who does contribute to our fundraising. They will be entered into a raffle where the first prize will be a framed Arsenal signed shirt, complete with authenticity certificate. The raffle will be pulled at 5pm at Tesco’s on the 23rd December, so somebody out there is going to receive a fantastic Christmas present, unless of course they are a Spurs fan”.. The Chairman concluded.


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