500 CLUB

What is the 500 Club?

The ‘500 Club’ is a community run lottery operated by The Boreham Wood Community Trust in association with Boreham Wood FC with the prime objective to raise funds that will be reinvested back into our local community through our community initiatives.

How does the 500 Club operate?

The Boreham Wood Community Trust is asking Boreham Wood FC’s ‘Wood Army’ to pledge a minimum of £5.00 per month to support the Trust with it’s community initiatives. As an incentive, each £5.00 monthly pledge will receive a number within our weekly prize draw. Each week there will be a prize draw of £100.00, with a special prize draw at the end of each month of £500.00.

500 Club rules: –

  1. The scheme will be known as The Boreham Wood Community Trust ‘500 Club’
  2. Membership of this scheme requires a minimum pledge of £5.00 per month, in return members will receive a prize draw entry for each £5.00 pledge that they make
  3. Membership can be paid via standing order of £5.00 per month or by one-off annual payment of £60.00. Please note: Members can pledge as many times as they wish, in increments of £5.00
  4. A minimum of 35% of proceeds will be returned to members through our weekly prize draws
  5. Prizes may fluctuate if membership is above or below 500
  6. The weekly draw will take place every Saturday evening at 5.30pm
  7. As soon as the draw is conducted, winning numbers will be posted on our official website and social media channels
  8. The prize draw winner will be contacted by the Trust to arrange payment at the Trust’s earliest opportunity
  9. Should the terms & conditions of the ‘500 Club’ change at any time, the Trust will contact all members to inform them at the Trust’s earliest opportunity by phone or email

If interested please fill out the ‘500 Club’ application below, and return by mail or email to the contact information on the bottom of the application form.

The Boreham Wood Community Trust ‘500 Club’ – Application Form (PDF)

The Boreham Wood Community Trust ‘500 Club’ – Application Form (Word Doc)

Should you be unable to download the application form above for whatever reason, you can alternatively email Mandee Morris on mandeemorris10@gmail.com, expressing your interest in join the ‘500 Club’ with the following information: –

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Monthly Pledge (Increments of £5.00)

Good luck and thank you for supporting the Boreham Wood Community Trust!


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