Tonight at 6pm (Wednesday 17th November), the third stage of our ongoing FA Cup pre-sale ticket approach will go live.

The previous two phased categories for eligible Wood fans have been a great success to date and ensured all our loyal fans have now secured their tickets and we will of course continue with those phases…


However, this new phase three category means we can now concentrate on our 9 local primary schools and their staff, plus includes our two senior education schools. It also means we can help our local community football clubs, which has already been so well received by all those clubs within our community.

The interest in this FA Cup tie, with it being a local derby, has transcended the town, the surrounding areas and has been phenomenal, and with still over two and a half weeks to go before the game, a sell-out is now almost guaranteed. That is being borne out by our ticketing data and by advanced ticket sale trends, with tickets sold sitting around 2,900, which includes the Saints fans allocation.


So, we’ve decided to give our wider community more of a chance and a nice easy incentive to get themselves an FA Cup ticket. As such, we are offering our long standing, but perhaps less frequent Boreham Wood supporters, a chance to firstly watch the Wood against Maidenhead United at the LV Bet Stadium Meadow Park this Saturday, before securing your FA Cup ticket on the day. Terms and conditions will apply regarding ID and proof of address.

So, for those of you frustrated and who have found yourselves not eligible at present through our restricted phased ticket sale, then fear not as our Saturday game against Maidenhead United with you attending is your solution.

However, if you’re reading this and the description above not only fits you but your brother, your sister, your mother and father or grandparents then it’s your lucky day. Even though you are a lapsed attendee who has not seen Boreham Wood’s new look Meadow Park, as long as you have love in your heart for the Wood then we want you back. Please note, this offer is not open for season ticket holders or black card members as you already have your match tickets. This offer is for those lapsed Wood supporters who must now attend the Maidenhead United game this Saturday, and will then be able to purchase up to two FA Cup tickets between the hours of 2:30pm to 5.30pm this Saturday from the Club Shop – situated within the home section of the Stadium (not matchday ticket office).

The above time slots will also apply to our local ‘senior students’ offer that has been opened up to both Hertswood School and Yavneh College – again please note ID and proof of address will be needed.


On top of the information and update above, we would like to announce that we have secured the FA Cup for a day and that means the actual FA Cup, the plinth and the whole shebang will be brought to our community by way of a whistle stop tour for all of our supporters both old and young to enjoy. We will announce the date, times, venues and location details very shortly.

Remember this FA Cup game is just a moment in time that we can all share together. But when it’s gone this is still our town, we are still your football club, this is always our community and it’s very, very important that this exciting time and FA Cup excitement is enjoyed to the maximum and we must ensure it involves our bigger stores, our loyal sponsors, our local schools, our local football clubs and of course involves you, our loyal fans. This FA Cup initiative will also include our BWFC players, our manager Luke Garrard and his management team, but most importantly it must include and involve you.

Further ticket initiatives and a fourth phased offer will get announced if tickets have not been sold out before the game on December 6th. But don’t leave it to chance and don’t miss out, as it is still possible for you to get your FA Cup ticket by attending the Maidenhead United game this Saturday.

Finally, should the FA Cup tie against St Albans City not get settled on the night it will go to a replay. At present BWFC’s away allocation has been set by our opponents at only 450 standing and 200 seats. We have asked the SACFC’S Club Secretary and our friends at St Albans to reconsider that ticket allocation and reciprocate the allocation that we have given to them in good faith. They will be considering our request on Thursday morning and we’ll then let you know the outcome and then the details of how to buy, should a replay be necessary…

We really do hope to see as many of you as possible at the Maidenhead United game on Saturday and if you are there, please make some noise, as Luke and the players will be doing their very best to get us back to winning ways after last week’s tough 1-1 draw against Altrincham.

It’s possible for us to once again top the National League if we win and results go our way. For those of you who attend who’ve perhaps been away for a while, we really do hope you like the new look Stadium and we wish you good luck securing your FA Cup ticket and being part of the new look Wood Army – again, please remember all FA Cup tickets on Saturday will only be sold from the Club Shop between 2:30pm to 5:30pm within the Stadium and NOT from the match-day Ticket Office.



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