After going through what can only be described as the most difficult and painful of times over the last 15-months, Boreham Wood FC can announce to our supporters that next season’s season tickets and our new Black Card Membership Scheme will go on sale this Wednesday 28th April as the Club finally looks forward and makes plans to navigate a way out of this COVID-19 pandemic nightmare.

The Club though is firstly excited to repay all those loyal supporters of ours who made the decision to remain season ticket holders throughout this campaign with a frozen/fixed “loyalty” price for next season’s renewals.

On top of the frozen/fixed “loyalty” renewal price, we’ll also offer a new season ticket price band for any new or returning season ticket holders, with the new “tenner-a-game” season ticket for both Adults and OAPs. We’ve also created a new “under-a-fiver-a-game” season ticket for our under 16’s and got another frozen/freebie for our existing under 12 season ticket holders and new initiatives for the newbies who might wish to join us in that age group.

Lastly, the Club is excited to roll out a new Black Card Membership Scheme for the more casual supporters or those who may have to work at weekends, which also comes complete with club shop discounts, plus other facility discounts and will give you access to the home fans season ticket/members only bar on a match day or night within our newly renovated Gallery Suite…

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter, was open and honest when fans liaison/spokesman and Club Shop Manager Grant Morris asked him about the playing squad and what he felt the Club’s prospects are on the pitch for next season, Hunter said “That’s a difficult question but I need to be very honest with our supporters from the outset, especially the newer ones; please, please don’t buy a season ticket if you’re expecting me to provide either a top ten budget or if you are expecting a play-off challenge or more next season…

“Trust me, how I’ve managed to get us through this season and to this point has been testament to my remaining staff and the sacrifices that they’ve all made. In truth, I’ve been hurt by one or two staff who’ve perhaps took me to the cleaners, but on the pitch we’ve simply had a dressing room that unfortunately slightly underachieved in the big moments, and as a realist thats just football but it’s the big moments that do separate the mediocre sides from the top teams, because top teams turn key moments into magic moments and unfortunately we’ve not done that in the majority of games this season…

“All I’m saying to people, is if you’re really a Premier League fan who does love your footy on the TV, if you like the sound of your voice on social media and if you want instant success keep supporting the big six, stay watching Sky, stay tweeting about them and just follow us on social media as you won’t be missed or put even more simply, we as a Club are going to be scrapping for our lives from day one and so we need positivity and we need everyone behind us understanding that our present position is precarious. Which means everyone cannot be under any illusions or given any false promises about where myself and the Club finds itself as we come out of this pandemic, but as I promised I would, I have kept our Club, our players and my staff safe.

“We’ll almost certainly have to be on life support for the foreseeable future and that’s only if everyone still decides to back us. We will then have to balance off any new players coming in with the present wage bill, which will need to be reduced, but we must get new talent in and more energy into our ranks… In the meantime, I’ll be trying to pull a few rabbits out of my business hat but in this environment that is going to be a very difficult task between now and the season’s start in August…

“After the year we’ve all had I’m not going to sugar coat things for the few, I’m simply going to be the realist I am because I know I’ll have to be ready to fight tooth and nail for our Community, for our Town and for our Football Club’s recovery.

“I’ve run out of patience with a few who seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing and if they go back to whence they came we won’t miss them. In truth I know I have to put in more money personally, which will hopefully not only guarantee our survival next season but give us at least a shout of competing with the big boys and over achieving once again, but I won’t lie to any of my old school support base about the difficult times that could well lie ahead of us…

“As such I’m more than happy to go into next season with perhaps a few less home fans but with a more committed core of old school supporters who know me, who I know will be realistic with me and who are ready to answer my call to arms, as every effort will be needed by the Club, by the fans, by my staff, by our Manager, by our playing squad but also by our community, if we are to remain a National League Club come this time next season…” Hunter concluded.

More information will become available in the next few days on ways to purchase but as a reminder, please see prices below: –



Adults – £149.00
OAPS – £149.00
U20 – £80.00
U16 – £50.00
U12 – FREE

Please note:

  • Existing under 12’s will continue to be eligible for a FREE 2021/22 season ticket, but this only applies to those under 12’s who had a season ticket for the 2020/21 season. If you were an under 12 last season, but have since turned 12 or 13 and are no longer eligible for the under 12 season ticket, you can purchase an under 16 season ticket at the reduced price of £50.00 if you so choose…
  • This same premise also applies if you were an under 16 season ticket holder last year but now fall into the under 20 category, you too can purchase a season ticket at the under 20 discounted price of £80.00
  • Lastly, this too applies if you were an under 20 season ticket holder last year but now fall into the adult category, you too can purchase a season ticket at the adult discounted price of £149.00.


Adults – £220.00 (£10.00 a game)
OAPS – £220.00 (£10.00 a game)
U16 – £100.00 (£4.54 a game)
U12 – £50.00 (£2.27 a game)


Our new membership scheme will have a very simple flat fee of £50.00 for the 2021/22 season across all age categories.


Category Black Card Member Prices Standard Prices
Adult £12.00 £20.00
OAP £12.00 £18.00
Under 16 £5.00 £12.00
Under 12 FREE £6.00



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