Calling the #TeenWoodArmy (Part 2)

After our Junior Wood Army under 12’s FREE season ticket offer, that broke all records through our “Tweet for a Treat” campaign, we followed that up with Grant Morris’ under 16 season ticket offer, that unfortunately for the #TeenWoodArmy was not as well supported.

That lacklustre take up has prompted Chairman Danny Hunter to get involved once again and he wants to give our under 20 and student community the best possible price to get behind its local club and has agreed to subsidise another discounted supporter deal.

This is a new season ticket category for the club and is designed to help those youngsters who are starting out early in their working life, those in College and those who may be at University. This time our offer is for our under 20 supporters and the Chairman has told Club Shop Manager Grant Morris he expects a big take up and expects the new offer to beat the Junior Wood Army uptake of 130.

With the Junior Wood Army breaking their best ever season ticket record of 99 two weeks ago (presently sitting at 130), and our under 16’s adding to that number, though not in great numbers. We are now hoping that our under 20’s in #TeenWoodArmy (Part 2) will rise to the occasion and snap up these season tickets at such unbeatable prices and join the fastest growing community club in town.

By the time we finish this deal, we hope to be close to 300 season ticket holder for the 2020/21 season and that’s before we get to the OAP and adults categories.

Our offer is open to all of our supporters aged 16 to 19 years old (to be eligible you MUST be under 20 on 1st September 2020.)

So, if you do want to get behind the club, get behind Luke Garrard and get behind our players next season, then just tell us what your best ever supporter memory has been or why your local club means so much to you. Please ensure your tweet has the hashtag #TeenWoodArmy at the end of your message.

And that’s it, you would have done your bit to bring positivity to your club and community. However here is the big catch, YOUR season ticket offer will be dependent on how many of our local under 20’s not only pledge to purchase a season ticket for the forthcoming season, but then follow their pledge up by purchasing their discounted season ticket whenever this pandemic is over.

So here is the fantastic #TeenWoodArmy (Part 2) discount offer: –

1-50 pledges – £80 for the season (£3.47 per game.) Your pledge helps secure this price, but if we get…

51-100 pledges – £70 for the season (£3.04 per game.) Your pledge helps secure this price, but if we get…

101-150 pledges – £60 for the season (£2.61 per game.) Your pledge helps secure this price, but if we get…

151-200 pledges – £50 for the season (£2.17 per game.) Your pledge helps secure this price, but if we get…

200+ pledges – £40 for the season (that is just an incredible £1.73 per game!) Your pledge has helps secure this price…

Please note, the final price will be based on pledges turning into season ticket sales. No season ticket sales will be taken until government guidelines allow for football to resume…

So, we ask that you all encourage your friends and family to jump on board our offer, knowing if they do, you’ll get the price down further, as everyone gets behind this truly amazing offer.

Every day for the next week we’ll put up your messages of support on our official twitter account, we will keep you updated with our progress regarding number of pledges and we hope you can surpass the under 12’s total of 130 #JuniorWoodArmy season tickets, that currently leads the way.

Chairman Danny Hunter said, “This age group always make me smile, they give us great energy, even if one or two of them are rascals, but when we’re on it they do make bit of noise and they have a great sense of humour.

“In truth the players love the noise and energy they create, and occasionally that energy gets you the odd pen or a late free kick that turns a 0-0 draw into a 1-0 win, or a game that your losing, into one where you end up nicking a point or turning a defeat into a win even when you’re playing badly…

“This offer for me is the best in the National League, it’s a new idea I had, and I just hope all our under 20’s take it up in their droves and if two hundred do – then it becomes £40 give away offer!”


Send us your tweet to @boreham_woodfc, remember to include the hashtag #TeenWoodArmy

Then follow this up with an email to with the following information, with the email subject #TeenWoodArmy.

Twitter Handle tweet was sent from:
Contact Number:

We will then send confirmation back to you. You can then sit tight, and the season ticket will be processed nearer to the start of the new season.

We will keep everyone updated by email when the season tickets will be ready to collect.


Payment of your season ticket will be due upon collection. Once this offer has closed we will advise what the cost of the season ticket will be on collection.

*Please note that this price could change, as it is subject to pledges converting into actual season ticket purchases.



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