In line with many of the bigger clubs at our level and above, we are asking for your help and expertise in creating our very own annual Wood Army Charity Golf Day.

The sole purpose of the event would be to raise funds for our newly created community foundation programme, which will in turn release funds that can go towards our first team playing budget…

We know that so many of our sponsors and the Wood Army out there are more than just keen golfers. Many of you play or are members at a wide range of fantastic local golf courses, and as such, you know how these things should be run.

As such, perhaps some of you could bring your expertise to create a golfing committee that helps to organise our very first annual golf event, and in turn, create a fantastic club day, that we can all enjoy and get behind.

Our sponsors are keen, our commercial manager is keen, our chairman is keen and our dressing room is keen. So, if you’re keen, we would hope to perhaps finish the day off with a bite to eat, an auction, a raffle and a drink back at the club, to end the day off properly amongst friends…

Anyone interested in perhaps getting involved with us in this fundraiser, should initially contact Mandee Morris on, or Billy Hunter on You can also contact the club on 020 8953 5097.

Thank you in advance for any help or expertise you can offer.


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