Boreham Wood Football Club can announce, that after completing our first two weeks of pre season. That we have made a decision not to sign or continue to look at seven triallists.

Over the weekend we have played two very strong Championship clubs, where we beat Brentford on the Friday evening before losing to Reading on Saturday.

The seven leaving triallist’s are; Sam Hatton, Ashan Holgate, Charlie Strutton, Paul White, Jordan Gibbons, Jaydon Gibbs and Luis Morrison.

The players have all been an absolute pleasure to have around the club, they have all trained very hard and they have all shown a fantastic attitude. We have made these decisions early and in fairness, so that the players have enough time to find themselves a club and to get things settled and sorted, before the season starts in around a month’s time.

We of course wish each and every one them the very best of luck with their careers.


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