Boreham Wood Football Club are delighted to announce that after discussions between Luke Garrard and the Chairman. That the club has agreed to make further funds available for next season, so we can not only continue with our player recruitment but continue with our three days a week training programme next season and continue with all the other related costs like match analysis, scouting, improved travel and the players pre training breakfast club ..

We can also now announce that our highly rated defender David Stephens has today agreed and signed a new one year contract. This we think is a significant signing and believe shows the clubs ambition and desire to improve ourselves in readiness for next season..

Re-engagement offers have also been made to three players, who are all under 24 years of age. They are talented midfielder Billy Clifford plus young strikers Junior Morias and Jordan Chedozie and they have 28 days to decide if they wish to accept their offers..

On top of this, the club has made offers to another three important players from within our ranks and we can hopefully expect an answer from them within the next 7 days.. 

So as a recap to our supporters of the state of play at the moment.. We have already put James Russell, Ben Nunn, Danny Woodards, Joe Devera, Ricky Shakes and Conor Clifford on contract for next season.. Offered re-engagement terms to another three players and made offers to another three existing players..

When we asked manager Luke Garrard for his thoughts on things to date he said “We have quietly been going about our business for the last month or so, hoping that we would deliver National Premier League football to the town and our supporters and I’m very happy that we’ve done that”..

“We now know what division we are in and as such I have already met with the Chairman regarding the finances in all the key areas that are available to me.. He has given me a playing budget that we both hope will allow the club and our infra structure to grow and for us to be more competitive next season and backed me with a better budget for our infra structure”..

“I now have to make some difficult decisions in the next few weeks on one or two players. I also have to respect that some of our players who have served us well in the past, may well decide to move on.. In the meantime I will continue to strengthen in what I consider to be key areas but I need to remain patient, as a couple of my targets are still involved in the play offs and that will obviously delay things dependant on the outcome of those games, as I will not talk to them until their season is over”.. Garrard concluded..


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