OE Training Centre1

BWFC Chairman Danny Hunter said “We were looking for a training location within a reasonable distance from the club and I wanted local partners. Our PASE Academy is still evolving and as such I needed a facility and college partner who would welcome our club, our students and our staff, who would embrace our Academy’s ‘inclusion for all’ policy”.

“That was key and will allow us to grow steadily during 2014/15 and again going forward.. With that in mind I first met with David Byrne the Principle at Barnet and Southgate to discuss my plans. I then met with Peter Goring who heads things up at O.E’s a number of times and together we found that all parties shared many of the same goals”.

OE Training Centre2Hunter continued “With so much common already ground agreed, i am thrilled to make this exciting announcement, as it allows our student recruitment to be truly diverse with all courses possible. I look forward to working closely with Barnet and Southgate College and Old Elizabethans management and staff over the next three years”.Boreham Woods state of the art astro complex which is visited by 250,000 players and spectators each season

“Over the spring and summer, investment has been made to create a truly fabulous training site. A daily coach service to and from the OE’s, has also been set up for the students and we have ordered three new minibuses to enhance and support our transport structure. On top of that we have installed Wi Fi on site, while O.E’s have maintained and created two grass pitches for us and a number of training grids. They have also improved their changing areas and recreation rooms and together we have created new offices, a new kit room, a new medical/rehab centre and with OE’s now due to complete on an Astro facility shortly, we could not be happier to of signed a three year agreement with them” The Chairman concluded.




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