Following on from the Chairman Danny Hunter’s recent interviews in regard to the start of the National League season and the pleas from across Non-League for a financial support package, the Club’s media team sat down with the Chairman to catch up and ask him where he feels the Wood Army could support their community Football Club.

In essence, with a large amount of season ticket monies now needing to be returned to supporters in the next fortnight and with Club Shop sales almost at zero since lockdown in March, Wood Chairman Danny Hunter is asking for the Wood Army and our wider supporters to perhaps consider a number of ways of perhaps helping our Club through this difficult time. Whether that be buying a new Club shirt, joining the 500 Club or participating in the new streaming service that the Club are trying to create while supporters are unable to enter our Meadow Park Stadium.

Hunter said, “It’s true that things are a little bit sticky at present and I don’t want to come across or sound like I’m out with the begging bowl, as the supporters and the Wood Army have got their own problems, their own jobs to keep and their own health and family issues to deal with and I totally understand that.

“But it’s also my job to somehow keep this Club afloat, to keep this Club strong and safe and to give our community and Town a healthy Football Club, when we’ve all come through this ever growing nightmare. At the very least I need it ready and in a promising starting position to once again move itself forward.

“I must accept that 100% of our function hire and bar business has gone and 95% of our Club Shop sales have gone, too. 100% of our pre-season match revenue simply never materialised and now it looks like 40% of our season ticket money will now need to be returned in refunds. On top of that our commercial sponsorship has nosedived, which has collectively impacted me and hit the club hard.

Hunter continued, “With the recent Government statements in regard to no crowds in Stadiums possibly up to Christmas and beyond, it is of course getting worse by the day. That said, with no crowds being allowed in our ground this side of Christmas, I’ve now got to have a re-think and find further solutions, as I’m acutely aware of the problems.

“I’ve in truth personally now got much of the Club debt under control for this season. I’ve also managed to give Luke and my staff the tools to do their job, while in many cases I’ve simply ensured many of my support staff have a job to feed their families – but things will without a bit of help bite me on the backside, certainly by Christmas, but god loves a trier and I’m sure I’ll find a way.

“As I said, I’m not looking for charity or sympathy, but if people could perhaps consider buying say a Club shirt for Christmas, buy the odd home streaming game when we start our league campaign or join the 500 Club, it all helps.

“Even just the odd tweet, text message or email to the Club with a positive message, trust me really does help as it feels like we’re then in this together and at the moment the light at the end of our tunnel is perhaps just getting that bit smaller, while I keep reminding myself that I’ve got to go again…

Hunter concluded, “My message though to everyone is to remain positive, we’re an amazing Town and we’re going to be competitive at this level once again. Back me where you can and I’ll ensure we remain forward thinking, ever optimistic and I’ll try to remain consistent. Even though, we must try to help our Football Club where we can, we must appreciate that everyone also have their own problems and families to concentrate on. I just ask where possible, please spare a thought for your community Football Club, and it’s health because when all this is over it is vital that our Club is still here and it will be.”



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