With the recent away games at Barrow, Braintree and Southport all postponed. It has left our loyal ‘Wood Army’ away day goers out of pocket and with additional monies still to find, if they want to get to the rearranged games..

With these postponed away games now mounting up. Wood Chairman Danny Hunter discussed the problem with our media and communications manager Grant Morris, who administers our official travel club.. The upshot is that the Chairman has now agreed to subsidise a luxury supporters coach to the next three away games that fall on a Saturday.. They are Grimsby, Halifax and Wrexham and all these journeys will be available to book for just £15 return on a first come first served basis..

On top of this the Chairman has also agreed with Grant, that the 21 people who traveled to the postponed Barrow game, by train through our official travel club, will be able to to pick one of these three away days and go ‘free of charge’ as a goodwill gesture..

Finally the Chairman has also agreed to pick up the coach cancellation fee for Saturday’s aborted Southport trip and said “Grant has come and spoken to me about the escalating costs for the supporters and how people are desperate to follow us but money is tight and these postponements are really making life difficult for them”..

“I understand the fans sentiments totally, as these wasted transport costs are killing me as well. That said if I can subsidise the ‘Wood Army’ where possible and get these loyal fans up to the games, then I’m happy to do my bit. If we’re to stay up, were going to need everyone’s support, need the players focused and having a vocal presence always helps”.. Hunter concluded.


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