Boreham Wood FC can announce that, after detailed discussions with all concerned, the Club have now settled on a group of players and backroom staff who we wish to take into next season. As such, we are delighted to announce that Nathan Ashmore, Jamal Fyfield, Femi Ilesanmi, David Stephens, Kane Smith, Mark Ricketts, Gus Mafuta, Kabby Tshimanga and Tyrone Marsh will all be retained for next season.

Our recent January signing Krystian Pearce has now been placed on the transfer list due to his location, and all other senior players within last season’s squad have either been released or have chosen to leave. As such, we would like to thank Adam McDonnell, Piero Mingoia, Ryan Huddart, Danny Woodards, Tom Champion, Keiran Murtagh, Matt Rhead and Shaq Coulthirst for their services and efforts across what has been a very difficult season.

Of the current backroom staff, our long-standing Academy Coach Cameron Mawer was not asked to rejoin Luke Garrard’s backroom staff after the pandemic protocols had eased and so, as a Club, we take this opportunity to wish Cameron every success in his new role at Hendon FC and with his new Limited Academy.

Further detailed discussions were also held between the Chairman, the Club’s Chief Executive and the Manager this week to talk about the Club’s vision and its infrastructure. As such, both First Team Assistant Manager, David Dodds, and the Club’s Senior Clinical lead, Steve Snelling, have left the club.

Chairman Danny Hunter said, “Both on and off the field, our club has for more than two decades been brought up on hard work, honesty, loyalty and an Academy-first culture that went all the way to the first team door…

“Our ethos has certainly in all my time here, encompassed a sense of selflessness and an ethos of Attitude, Discipline and Desire. However, in this social media savvy day and age, it also needs clarity, vision, planning, intelligence, energy and positivity from top to bottom to succeed, which over the last 12 months in certain areas has for me been sadly lacking.

“Some people just haven’t understood our Club or its ethos, nor do they want to understand or respect its bottom-up infrastructure. That lack of understanding had shown itself time and again in all manner of situations last season, especially with some of our new personnel and backroom staff during this nightmare of a pandemic.

“As such, it’s now time for me to ensure that I return this Club to our very simple values of ‘Attitude, Discipline and Desire’ first, and personal gain and agents’ nonsense second, if not it’s only ever about self-gain and even more pounds, shillings and pence that we simply haven’t got, and when it’s like that, it’s never about the collective good and development of both the player or the Club.” Hunter concluded.



Nathan Ashmore
Femi Ilesanmi
Mark Ricketts
David Stephens
Gus Mafuta
Kabongo Tshimanga
Jamal Fyfield
Tyrone Marsh
Kane Smith


Krystian Pearce


Corey Whitely
Junior Morias


Danny Woodards
Tom Champion
Piero Mingoia
Keiran Murtagh
Matt Rhead
Ryan Huddart
Shaquile Coulthirst
Adam McDonnell



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