Tom Champion asserted that there will be a reaction, following the 1-0 defeat to Dover Athletic on Tuesday evening. 

We spoke to the Boreham Wood vice-captain at full-time, to get his thoughts on the home defeat to National League side Dover Athletic.

“It was nowhere near the level we know we should be at,” Champion began. “Everyone’s gutted. It felt low in the dressing room. We thought we were building something to try and get on a bit of a run, which up until a couple of games ago, we were.

“We came here tonight to try and get a reaction and then to play as badly as we did is really, really gutting for everyone.”

The Wood had been looking to put right the frustrating result on Saturday to AFC Fylde, but struggled to take control of the game against Dover Athletic.

“It felt like a game that was so bitty and we never got a foothold or control of the game which is our responsibility to do at home, to try and put our authority on the game which we never did.

“It was bitterly disappointing for everyone, but, we’ve almost got to treat that as rock bottom I guess and build from here.

“I know that sounds dramatic, but for the standards we set ourselves from the start of this season, and what we want to achieve, we know things have to change for us to get there.

“Hopefully we can draw a line underneath that and start to show the performances that we had before.”

Dover Athletic had been struggling in the National League this season, but two wins in their last three had seen an upturn in confidence going into Tuesday’s match.

Champion continued to explain that he knew the challenge would be a tough one.

“I don’t think it was down to us underestimating them, they’ve got some good players so fair play to them.

“We’re all disappointed and hopefully it hurts everyone because we’ve got to come back and try and set our standards way, way higher and brush ourselves down and go again. There are still loads of games to go and we have to look forward now and try and build a run.

“It’s football at the end of the day, you get bad runs and there are plenty more important things in the world, but right now for where we are, in our season, in our little world, that feels like it’s a real low point for us.

“The experienced boys will have to rally the troops and build on from here and try and kickstart us so that our season doesn’t fizzle out, because we know that we’ve got a decent squad. Individually, there is a good team here and we need to see those standards that we set ourselves.”

Looking forward, Champion is still remaining positive heading into Christmas period that results will again pick up.

“We’ve got loads of games coming up in December, it’s obviously a busy time with games coming thick and fast. That’s one of the best things about football, you put to bed a bad result as soon as you can and try and go on a run and build something.

“With all the games we’ve got going on over the Christmas period, some home games in there and some local derbies. The one against (Leyton) Orient next on TV is going to be a big game and obviously we hope that we can raise our game and beat them.”


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