Wood Chairman Danny Hunter, spoke to the clubs media and communications manager Grant Morris about his displeasure at the behaviour of Peterborough United manager Grant McCann. After he and others associated with Peterborough United allegedly approached a Wood player, who we had agreed contract terms with and took him back to their London Road home..

Wood Chairman said “we had agreed a deal with Morgan Ferrier and I shook on it with the player on the Monday night. The lad was due at the club with his representative to sign it on the Tuesday morning at 10am. We had played Peterborough United at our place that night and I felt we had looked after Peterborough’s directors, manager, players and supporters well, both on and off the pitch and had no idea any impropriety had gone on”..

“The boy then suddenly sends a text to our gaffer Luke Garrard on the Tuesday morning, just an hour before he was due in to sign, to tell him he was approached by Grant McCann and others associated with Peterborough about trialling with them the night before.. He was being advised not to sign the contract with us and that he would feature in games against Norwich on the Saturday (today) and would also play in another game the following Tuesday”..

Hunter continued “I’ve known the Posh’s former owner Barry Fry for nearly 25 years and met the existing Posh owner Chairman Darragh MacAnthony on Monday night and he seemed a thoroughly decent guy. I believe neither Barry or Darragh would of approved of Grant’s actions but it just felt that I had invited them into my home, they left with smiles and thanks but failed to tell us they were taking the family silver with them”..

“I’ve let Barry know my feelings in no uncertain terms and in fairness to Barry, he told me he thinks the whole thing stinks. Having said that Barry didn’t offer to send the boy back to us which is classic Barry ha ha”..

“I’ve been a Chairman here for 18 seasons and I suppose nothing should surprise me but I feel that as a new manager, Grant McCann has acted poorly as the new Peterborough manager and experience tells me that everyone he meets on the way up, he’ll certainly meet on the way down. He has affected a friendship between Barry and myself that has lasted over 20 years and all for a player who in my opinion is not quite ready for division one football”.

“Anyway life moves on, I wish the player well and hope he earns himself a deal. If he does, then me and Barry can then kiss and make up when he lets me take him on a season long loan”..


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