After a year where so many have suffered the loss of family or friends, where many have made huge personal sacrifices and gone through a long hard fight against a cruel worldwide pandemic Boreham Wood Football Club can announce, with the lifting of certain restrictions, the shackles are off and our road to recovery has not only started this week but will begin in earnest next week.

Last night our Astro pitches were re-opened to the general public and we signed off on two new deals to push our Club and Academy forward. These deals will be announced in April, while over the next 7 days or so we will try to highlight through our numerous social media platforms and our friends within football what our exciting new plans are.

So, please keep looking on our website for our onsite building plans, our future first team plans, which early this week will include our home games on Good Friday and Easter Monday against the current top two teams in our division, Sutton United and Hartlepool United.

We will also showcase some incredible Academy plans, its sustainable recovery and its unique safety-first road map. In fact, to show you our investment in youth, we will gradually introduce to you our new drivers, our media team, our administration team, our catering team, our kit managers, our medical staff, our established team of qualified coaches, our incredible management team. Plus, of course, our wonderful training facilities that include an onsite gymnasium, five dressing rooms, ample car parking and of course the stadium itself and the hallowed turf and our million pound plus award winning Desso Grassmaster pitch. All trialists who sign up with us will get to play on the pitch in May.

As lockdown is lifted our structure is being actively improved on a daily basis with further investment and we are determined to show our new students our ‘new tomorrow’. We will showcase things like our students ‘free’ Puma training kits, ‘free’ season tickets, discounted lunch scheme, our year-on-year student retention statistics and, of course, our record-breaking course success rates which all students, parents and guardians can trust after we have led the way for 20 years.

We will through zoom, through videos, through our caring staff speak to our new students about how their onsite welfare operates and on how we’ve built our structure and built a safety-first strategy that stood up in a pandemic.

Remember, for over two decades – not two minutes – we can point to literally thousands and thousands of boys, whose lives we’ve actively changed, improved and enhanced. We’ve got them out of bed, we’ve improved their mindsets, we’ve remotivated broken students and we’ve got them back into education and into their chosen University.

For some, we’ve got them into the England College team, for some, we’ve got them on scholarships to the USA, for many we’ve got them ready for the workplace and for some we’ve got them collectively into the professional game by keeping them engaged, by keeping them in education while always ensuring that they enjoy the game of football.

Our advertising campaign will not be flashy, it won’t be full of glossy nonsense or be in anyway disingenuous, we’ll certainly not take credit for anything that we’ve not done………in fact we’ll as always be the Academy and structure you can trust and, just like Ronseal, we’ll do exactly what we say on the tin.

Our advertising campaign will be a slow burner because of our long history and, with any historic lesson, our story will need to be spread over the coming weeks and months to tell it properly. But remember it’s always great to have a story to tell and we will point to two decades of onsite and student investment, of year-on-year success and two decades of self-improvement, which has ultimately led us to be the community club we are first and foremost, though still driven to be a professional football club with ambition to get to the EFL, while now playing at the highest level of non-league football within the National League structure.

Today we begin our quiet build up to this year’s first Academy PASE (Programme for Academic and Sporting Excellence) trial being held at the club on Wednesday, 7th April.

We will, as it’s the right thing to do, actively encourage all of our potential students, to continue to trial at all venues and all Academies to look at the comparisons, so they have a legitimate choice. We are so comfortable about what we do, safe in the knowledge that many of these new schemes always pop up each year, they often talk about what they can do but it’s often just a story and the reality and results often make disappointing reading.

So, we like to encourage honest comparisons and real choice for our students, as we already have that year-on-year history that clearly demonstrates our structures do work and we only point to what we actually do and what we actually achieve on at all levels of our Academic and Sports programme.

At the same time we will always ensure that we have the resources to further invest in all of our students, as trust us, life is not just about football, it’s also about taking your studies very seriously, it’s about your attitude, your discipline and your desire to overcome and, for us, it’s about building in life lessons and confidence into you first and if we achieve that, then whether it’s football, education or simply your improved work ethic, then success will follow.

So, if you are interested in trialling with the Number One Sports Education programme in the UK then contact us on 020 8953 5716 or email



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