After being asked by Grant Morris, our Supporter Liaison, Club Shop and Away Day Travel Club Manager, about any potential new signings this pre-season, Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said,  “Trust me, Luke Garrard, Charlie Hunter and I have all been quietly busy meeting, greeting and securing what we consider to be top class players at this level.

“I know our supporters might want to know about our new signings, especially those fans who have already renewed their season tickets or those about to renew, as well as a new exciting group of first-time season tickets holders. However, for the last few years, we have chosen to slightly delay our announcements until July 1st for a few simple reasons, but mainly out of respect for other clubs and a player’s position.

“It must be remembered that although all players coming to the end of their contract are free to talk to clubs and sign pre-agreements, many of the new lads are still on the payroll with their existing club until June 30th and we just feel that a slightly delayed announcement on July 1st, is the most respectful way for us to conduct our business, while it also builds a bit of excitement as fans will always speculate on any possible new signings”. Hunter concluded.



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