The BW PASE Academy can announce that we will be holding our final trial for students across London and the Home Counties, who might wish to change their schools, colleges or simply see a course with us that they fancy for the 2020/21 season and beyond.

This innovative trial is really about those students who are not settled where they are studying or it’s not quite the education institution it was made out to be. As such we aim to be a viable alternative and we want to showcase ourselves in the coming half term, which will take place at Meadow Park on Monday 26th October, with a 1.00pm registration.

Our PASE Academy staff have always coined our final trial “the unhappy trial” as it has often allowed talented young footballers and students who are dissatisfied with their current coaching levels, timetables or further education provision, one last chance to join the UK’s number one sports/education programme.

This is the very last opportunity for any unhappy player or student out there, who thinks they may have gone to the wrong school, college or football programme, or may have been forced into taking a course that they simply don’t want to do, to take control of their destiny.

Let’s be honest, if you’re not happy with your current further education choice or sports/education programme, whether you feel unloved, unsafe, simply lost within in their environment or simply want to challenge yourself within a more professional set up, then we hope the BW PASE Academy might be the place for you!

What makes us the NUMBER ONE sports/education programme across the UK?

  • Our programme is absolutely FREE and it includes a FREE PUMA training kit (T&C’s apply)
  • Over the last 15 years we have averaged over 93% in retention levels, which means our academy players/students are more than happy with the programme each and every year
  • Over the last 15 years we have averaged over 94% in success levels, which means our academy players/students fulfill their qualifications within the programme each and every year
  • Over the last 15 years we have produced a proven player pathway right to the very top; as so many top young players have become fully fledged professionals within the English football pyramid from Premier League down to National League, as well as hundreds of others entering the semi-professional game
  • Over the last 15 years we have produced 27 international players, including 24 at youth level and three who have represented their countries at senior level

Please be aware, this really is an outstanding opportunity for all you undecided students and scholars who really do wish to test themselves, to join a top Academy programme this season, with our education partners Barnet & Southgate College then finalising your courses in safe, workable class sizes, so we urge you all do not to miss this fantastic opportunity.

First Team Manager and Academy Director Luke Garrard commented on the trial announcement, “Last year we held the same trial and of those who attended 75% joined the programme and 100% of those are still with the BW PASE Academy.”

Garrard continued, “We stress the importance of our scholars making educated decisions and exploring all of their options. That’s why attendees of the ‘unhappy trial’ are still with us, because they had seen what other education providers and sports/education programmes had to offer, they saw the spin they put on their programmes and they saw first-hand that the BW PASE Academy is unrivalled in its care for the student/scholar, while our facilities, our safety first approach, our coaching programmes and our across the board professionalism is unmatched.”

So we urge all of you unhappy scholars, undecided students and those of you who feel undervalued or unsafe where you are, get yourself down to our Meadow Park Stadium; meet the Chairman, meet the First Team Manager and meet our incredible coaching and medical team, play in some small sided trial games and see for yourself what’s exactly on offer here and make your own mind up.

Trust us, the BW PASE Academy really is the best around, as it includes free PUMA training kit, free match streaming of all our first team home games, discounted lunches, free transport between sites and lots of work experience opportunities.

Put us to the test, give us half a day of your time, as this could be the best decision that you’ve ever made…




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