Boreham Wood Football Club are pleased to announce that our latest Adult season ticket initiative is launched today for season 2017/18.

This offer will stay active until the end of April and will save anyone who participates, £99 on the forthcoming £199 early bird season ticket offer, that will come into effect on May 1st, 2017.

This is a club initiative, where we will offer our supporters an Adult or Senior Citizen season ticket for next season for just £100. However for you to get that discounted rate, you must introduce another Adult or Senior Citizen, who must also purchase a £100 Adult or Senior Citizen season ticket, for you both to be eligible.

Chairman Danny Hunter said “It’s an offer I hope that people feel is not to be missed and will improve our support base. We obviously need to get more local people, more families, and more of our community watching their football at Meadow Park next season.

“Any increased support would be welcomed, even if it’s only slightly as it’s really the only way for us to progress. If we can somehow encourage more people to come and support their local club then everyone’s a winner and this might be the start of something bigger for the club.

“So if people are out there and doing their maths then they simply need to base our offer on this season’s match-day adult price of £18 per game as the £100 season ticket will work out less than if an adult attended just six league games next season. It means if they introduce another £100 paying adult, then they both get the equivalent of 17 league games next season completely free……….I hope that makes sense?”

The Wood Chairman finished by saying “We all know we cannot sustain National League football or keep good players here, if they are going to play their football in an empty stadium so I desperately need to come up with an incentive, an offer, a hook to attract good players and drag in more home support.

“Our fans are different class and very, very, loyal people but there’s just not enough of them. That said, if we can try and get the surrounding areas of Shenley, Radlett, Elstree, Bushey and Barnet to take a punt on us then for the sake of a hundred quid, it could create a change in mindset and I’ll try anything that might improve our home support.

“I know we need a better atmosphere and a bit of noise at Meadow Park on a match day. If we can find it, it could be worth an extra 10 points next season and trust me we could certainly do with that. So this offer is meant to grab people’s attention and hopefully encourage more local people to get involved.

“It might also appeal to the disenchanted pro club supporters or local families who simply cannot afford the Watford’s, West Ham’s, the Barnet’s, the Arsenal’s or Spurs, match-day or season ticket prices.

“If people know I’m trying to provide affordable football for all the family, if they can see that National League games are a decent day out, that it’s easy to park, that the football is decent and you even get to have a drink and meet the players after the game if you choose, then it also might appeal more. If they also realise that if they get down to Meadow Park more than five times next season then they would be saving themselves a small fortune over the season by getting 17 free league games into the bargain. We are also as I promised our supporters we would, going to freeze our prices for our under 16’s and our under 12’s at last seasons discounted rates of just £50 and £30, so the whole family can benefit from these offers”.. he concluded.

Ways to Purchase:

In person: The club is open from 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday

By Phone: 0208 953 5097 – from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday




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