My brothers and I have been following the Wood since they were in the 8th tier. It’s our hometown Club and I remember home nights back when we were averaging a crowd of 300, so to see how far we’ve come, the huge crowds against St Albans and AFC Wimbledon, packing out the away end at Bournemouth and drowning out the home fans made us so proud of our little hometown Club!

On top of that, it was the best night of football I’ve ever experienced. I was sent flying in the melee of limbs after Ricketts’ goal, and would have taken that at full time, but lived every emotion as we battled selflessly and brilliantly to hold on, and then screamed until it hurt after the final whistle.

It was an atmosphere I’ll never forget, including the road trip back with my brothers just letting it sink in that we’d just had that once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. It wasn’t just history for us and our Club, it was historic for any club to achieve and I’ll never forget what it felt like to be among the lucky few who get to experience such a night. One for the grandkids.

Thanks for running the competition, part of why we’re such a tight knit community club and why we love the Chairman.

Up the Wood!


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