With the dust now settling after Saturday’s amazing 2-1 promotion final win over Whitehawk.. With this promotion being our third in nine years, the realisation is now dawning on everyone associated with us that little Boreham Wood Football Club, really are going into the Vanarama National Premier League.

Going into a league where we must try and compete with some genuine football big boys, like Wrexham, Tranmere Rovers and Bristol Rovers. ‘Wood’ Chairman of sixteen years Danny Hunter has tried to put into words not only the enormity of the task that lies ahead but the joy of achieving something that he, his family and the town could only have dream about a few years ago”..

Hunter said “My thoughts all season have often led me back to my memories of my late father Micky. My Dad managed this proud little club back in the sixties and seventies winning titles and cups and the club was a massive part of my childhood. So Saturday to have my kids, my brothers, my daughter in laws, my grandchildren and my town all around me was more than just emotional for me”..

“I have honestly felt that my Dad has been with me in spirit all season and I just knew my manager and our players would find a way to succeed, it was written in the stars. When we lost the title decider a few weeks back at Bromley, I did feel like the promotion dream was perhaps slipping away but I was always taught in adversity to pick yourself up, wipe your mouth and go again”..

“On Saturday my Mum was too frail to attend but she was willing us on and though her memory is not what it once was, she knew what this meant to us as a family and what it meant to the Town we’ve lived in all our lives”..

“The pride I felt at the final whistle is indescribable and though I’m proud of our quiet progress over the years, Saturday’s promotion memory will always be in my forethought and nobody can ever take that feeling away from me”..

“To see what it meant to my staff, to my family and to see grown men in tears was simply incredible. To see Bill O’Neil my president, who remember was my fathers chairman and the club founder, sobbing, brings home the enormity of what’s been achieved. So many great people, so many loyal people over the last 67 years have played their part and it was a day the town will long remember”..

“It is only natural that on such an historical days for our little club, that our thoughts should go to the many people who have played such a part in our journey, that’s the old school way. It felt especially important for us in the quieter moments to raise a glass to absent friends and those who are no longer with us”..

“My job now though, is to put Saturday aside and focus the whole club on what lies ahead. We must find a way to increase our sponsorship and our commercial profile locally, I’ve decided to sit down with my commercial manager and as of today will match pound for pound, any local sponsorship we receive for next season.

If people are willing to help our club establish itself at the next level, then I’ll match their investment to give Ian Allinson and the team a chance of staying and competing in the division”..

Hunter concluded “Firstly though I’m going to take my players and match day staff away for 3 or 4 days to finish the season off correctly. After that it’s time to get serious again and find a way to compete in a national football league that’s full of well supported full time football clubs, but we must be doing something right as we’re there on merit and our games will now be seen live on BT SPORT and on a BT SPORT weekly highlights show, how mad is that?”


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