Boreham Woods media and communications manager Grant Morris, was this morning contacted by Wood Chairman Danny Hunter, who informed him that Ian Allinson our successful ex manager and present Director of Football, has been offered the St Albans City managers job and will be accepting the post with immediate effect..

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said “I was taken back initially when Ian first told me he was leaving, especially as it was St Albans, but on reflection I shouldn’t ever be shocked when it relates to football.. Myself and Ian have in truth had such a great time together, we’ve built so many memories but that’s for us to enjoy when we meet up in the future, as we are great friends outside football”.

Hunter went on “The Director of Football role, wasn’t working for Ian and he told me he just didn’t enjoy it.. I could understand that because I understand him. By accepting this new managerial challenge, he is doing what he wants to do and I’m pleased for him”..

“He wants to look forward to being a committed, hard working manager once again on a Saturday afternoon and wants to shape a team in his image. He’s taken on a pressure situation that’s for sure and he knows he’s got to hit the ground running. Only time though will tell if Lawrence Levy, the St Albans board and the Saints supporters, give Ian the time to turn St Albans City’s fortunes around”..

“That will certainly not be easy in the short term.. They’re sitting bottom of the Conference South for a reason and that’s a similar predicament to the one we’re experiencing ourselves at the moment, as league tables rarely lie at this stage of a season.. The Saints are our biggest local rivals historically and so of course it will be strange to think that Ian will be leading them. That said both sets of fans and players now seem to enjoy what has become a healthy rivalry.. On my part, I have so many friends and family who live in and around St Albans and they will I’m sure see Ian’s appointment as a very positive appointment”..

I’m I will though not patronise Ian, the Saints fans or any of our supporters. Rivalry in local football is healthy if managed correctly but it’s still rivalry none the less.. Ian has no matter how I paint it, decided to join the other side and as such I already know what the Wood Army’s reaction will be. That reaction though is perfectly understandable, as its a bit like Sir Alex joining Liverpool”..

Hunter continued.. “Ian will always be my friend and will always be very welcome at our place whenever he visits. What we have achieved together cannot be erased. It was done over a number of years and it was achieved with a committed staff, with committed players, with a vision to progress but importantly with trust and patience. As such Ian’s relationship with me and his legacy at the club is assured and will always transcend any local rivalry”..

“However I do I think my supporters expect their Chairman to keep things honest and real. So may I wish our local rivals up at Clarence Park the very best of luck in their relegation battle, safe In the knowledge that they will be wishing Boreham Wood and myself nothing but the same success and good luck in our relegation fight ha ha”.. Hunter concluded.


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