ArsenalFCArsenal Football Club have once again championed Boreham Wood for the forthcoming non league day, which this year falls on Saturday 7th, September.

The idea of Non league day is to try and raise awareness for grassroots football and by doing that we hope to encourage both Professional clubs and their supporters to get involved with their local non league club in anyway possible going forward.

Each year the date does change, as non league day has to fit in with a weekend when both the Premier League and Championship, shut down for England international fixtures.

Arsenal along with their coach travel company of choice Ellisons, have agreed to send the entire Boreham Wood squad and its management team off to play their league match at Weston Super Mare on the Arsenal First Team coach and have magnanimously agreed to pick up the bill..

With both Arsenal Ladies and Arsenals Development games now being played at Meadow Park, it is another clear indication of not onlyEllisons the close relationship between one of England’s top elite clubs and ‘The Wood’ who play their football a full six leagues lower down the football pyramid and are in truth, light years away from being able to mix in the elite circles that Arsenal frequent..

Boreham Wood Football Club will be looking at ways to thank Arsenal and their supporters in some small way and will offer all Arsenal season ticket holders and there children ‘free’ or reduced admission to all of Boreham Woods home league games this season (Details to be announce soon)..

Boreham Wood manager Ian Allinson who is an ex-gunner himself said.. “What an unbelievable gesture from both Arsenal and Ellisons once again. To have played for that club was the biggest privelege of my life and the older I get the more it seems to mean. That time at Highbury can never be taken from me and what they’ve done in this instance, doesn’t surprise me in the least as its the Arsenal way. Its understated, its honourable and put simply its so kind and thoughtful”..

“For a club like ourselves there is a significant cost incurred when travelling to places like Weston. So for Arsenal to foot the bill and for us to be able to travel in the same way as Mr Wenger and the Arsenal players will bring back fantastic memories for me. It will also give my players a real lift and I might have to turn the clock back and get my boots out again?? Hopefully though we can thank Arsenal by firstly getting a result down there and secondly that our Chairman can find a way to give the Arsenal supporters some ‘free’ access to our football club. For me i’m still a massive fan, the Arsenal supporters are the greatest supporters in the land and having been been privileged enough to play in front of them, I can say that with real pride” he concluded.


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