Wood manager Ian Allinson spoke to media manager Grant Morris on the team coach, straight after Tuesday nights fantastic win at Torquay Utd. He has issued a heartfelt plea to the Wood fans that he calls “the stay away home supporters”..

Allinson said “our loyal supporters have as usual been absolutely fantastic to date and our travelling support even at Torquay on a Tuesday night was amazing. It’s vocal, it encourages and it really is helping us. Our home support though hasn’t really materialised in the same way and it still sits at around 300 people”..

“We know that overall our home attendances have gone up but that’s mainly due to the increased away following that teams are bringing.. We know we have to give our supporters performances and give them something to get behind but we really are going to need everyone to stay with us through this difficult first season of National League football”..

“I’ve gone back to the Chairman who must be sick of the site of me, asking him to back me with an increased budget. I’ve asked him to give us an infra structure and extra staff to go to a day time training programme and in fairness to him he’s already done both for me”..

“I now want to ask the town just one question, do you really want National league football here in Boreham Wood?? Is it ok for us to be relegated with a whimper or do we really want to establish ourselves, not only as a club but as a town and become a force who deserve National league football??

“When push comes to shove, does this towns football supporters, really only want to watch football on sky sports or at the big London venues? Are Boreham Wood just playing second fiddle to the Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Watfords of this world? If the answer is no and you want a successful local club, then this town has to finally realise what’s on its doorstep and get behind its only senior club..

“Surely as a National league club we can get 500 regular home supporters to regularly come to Meadow Park? I know you love this club because I’ve witnessed it first hand and your passion has helped me win two play off finals as your manager. I’ve seen the pride that you show for the club and for your town but we need you in the ground and in our bars on a regular basis”..

“My players need everyone to get themselves down to Meadow Park, to drag someone with them and to show the club your pride in what it is achieving. What the Chairmans vision and money and what the club staff have built here over the last 17 years, is the envy of local football clubs like St Albans and Wealdstone, who with respect both have bigger support bases. We though now have a chance and maybe it will be our one and only chance to make our mark at this level and we must take it”..

“We have fellow strugglers Altrincham at home on Saturday and it’s not overstating things when I say, it’s by far our biggest game of the season and its by far our biggest game at Meadow Park since that fantastic play off final win over Whitehawk, when you turned our ground into a ‘Wood’ fortress”..

“After tonights win, another win on the bounce will get us right back on track and I know with everyone behind us, we will not only survive we’ll prosper but it can only be achieved if we stick together”..

“The chairman, the management, the players and staff need to know that you are with us through the good times but more importantly the bad and starting with Altrincham on Saturday, please make every effort to get down to Meadow Park and make it our fortress, as home form is going to be crucial”..


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