Boreham Wood Football Club wish to announce to all clubs interested, that our much sought after striker Morgan Ferrier has a £35k buyout clause in his contract.

We do this for transparency, as we want to ensure that all interested managers, clubs, club chairman, and chief execs are also aware that once the £35k buyout clause is met – any interested parties must also agree to our other add-ons, as clearly stated in his signed contract… These will include a sizeable sell-on, and appearance related, goals related, success related and other clauses.

We feel our football club needs to go public, as Morgan now has new representation and that representation is openly touting our contracted player and his release clause to manufacture a move.

That’s certainly not how things are supposed to happen. And, until such time as an agreement has been reached between a club and ourselves, then an agent to our club is an obsolete third party.

So, we are about to contact the FA, the National League and the PFA, to seek their advice and see if this agent has broken or breached any rules. But let’s be clear – if Morgan is to leave us, it will be on our terms not an agents.


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