In response to the recent very late fixture change between Boreham Wood and York City, that was shifted from Saturday, January 6th to Sunday, January 7th to suit TNT live match coverage , Boreham Wood acknowledges the challenges that this adjustment poses for many of the York City travelling fans and many of our own sunday league managers, coaches and players..

As a football club we have discussed and recognised the inconveniences faced by those who have perhaps already arranged accommodation and travel based on the initial date and so we will look to help out by reducing all match-day entrance costs.

Boreham Wood, as a working class club are deeply rooted in our community, so we understand more than most that it is all attending supporters, NOT TV revenue that is the lifeblood of football clubs at our level. So we do share the frustration experienced by many of you old school loyal fans due to this late change.

From today we will offer all York City and Boreham Wood supporters half price entry to help with any of the late planning changes re accommodation, travel and possibly even work arrangements and for those who have already purchased their tickets, we give them a 50% refund – we hope that will help.

Boreham Wood in fairness accepts that TV companies are needed to promote the National League, but in this case we believe they possibly got the balance wrong. Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said “ we must always listen to the fans and I hope that this offer will help and encourage both York City and Wood supporters to attend the Mangata Pay UK Stadium Meadow Park on the 7th January and we remind the broadcasters to think about the grass root fans who attend the games and not the armchairs viewers who watch the Premier League.

To claim your half priced tickets please follow the links below:




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