I Morgan Ferrier would firstly like to apologise to the club, the fans, my teammates, the staff, the Chairman, and the Manager, for any offence caused during this situation.

My intentions were never to cause any disrespect to the club or anyone associated with the club. Myself and Boreham Wood have always had a fantastic relationship, hence why I came back halfway through last season.

During this situation, I may have taken some bad advice from an agent and an intermediary. I naively kept a lot of feelings bottled up and didn’t talk to the people I hold dearest to me, or ask for their opinions, which consequently caused me to make rash decisions. Decisions that I want to make clear I fully apologise for.

With that in mind, I have today withdrawn my breach of contract dispute with the club. I now acknowledge the club has been blameless in all of this and as such, I’ve severed all ties with my new agent and intermediary, with immediate effect.

I have always been an ambitious person, who still aspires to reach the top of his craft and I still want to make my loved ones proud. During this pre-season, I was informed by the new agent that a League One team was interested in me and had made contact with them. I was also informed that they had triggered all of my release clauses.

In that instance, I envisioned all of my dreams coming true and countless hours of hard work paying off.

Unfortunately, that was not the case, they had not triggered two of my release clauses and I took poor advice from that point on and let it cloud both my mind and my judgement. Looking back as events unfolded, I can now see much of the advice I was given by my new intermediary was wrong, bullying, and unprofessional.

I must add that whilst all of this has gone on, I’ve come into training every day and worked hard on my fitness, and I still want to give my all for the club and my teammates until any possible move may materialise, and that’s something that will never change.

Football is a short career and I of course want to reach the highest level possible, which I hope to do with Boreham Wood’s blessing, whenever the opportunity may arise. I have always held the Chairman and Luke Garrard in the highest regard and their ambitions match mine, in regards to where we want to get the club and where we see the club playing.

I hope everyone associated with the club will accept my apology, because I know I have taken poor advice and I know I have acted naively, but please take into account I’m just 23-years-old and still learning.

I am an ambitious young man, who will learn from this situation and I’ll repay the fans and people at the club who have always been great to me. I hope myself and the club can reunite and move on from this and go on to have a fantastic season.

Yours sincerely,

Morgan Ferrier


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