Having sat down with our striker Morgan Ferrier this morning, we have very quickly resolved and reconciled what amounted to an agent led ‘breach of contract’ allegation that had no foundation.

It was apparent and very sad from the outset, just how much a young 23-year-old player has had his head turned, been used, been pressured, and been emotionally bullied to behave in the way he has. Whilst his agent or intermediary tried to unsettle, bully, and slander a club, its manager, and its owner, to manufacture a move by trying to negate their new client’s watertight contract.

The club would like to point out that Morgan has now withdrawn his ‘breach of contract’ allegation and he has unconditionally apologised to everyone concerned as it had absolutely no legal or moral basis or foundation.

The club would like to point out that Morgan has now sensibly separated himself from both Elite Management and their intermediary Dominic Yarwood with immediate effect. As such, we all now have a basis to move forward and put the last 10 days firmly behind us.

The club would also like to point out that Morgan is still just 23-years-of-age, he is still young, and he can still be easily influenced by unscrupulous individuals. But, we are delighted that our star striker is now back with us, back listening to his manager, back listening to his friends, family, and the people who care most about him, and is not being guided by new representatives that were perhaps looking to make a quick buck…

As a club, we already have the financial security, infrastructure, and support structure in place to enable Morgan’s hopes and ambitions to be realised with us going forward. But, if the right move does come along for both the player and club, then we will not stand in his way.

Morgan though, must now realise and appreciate that our club, our manager, our dressing room, and our supporters, will also share the same hopes, dreams, and ambitions as his going forward.

Rules and contracts have evolved and they exist to protect and ensure that all parties are protected. And as such, we would like to thank the National League, PFA, and FA, for their help and guidance throughout.

Morgan has perhaps learnt a painful lesson by listening to an unscrupulous intermediaries’ nonsense, but he now knows that procedures need to be followed, things do have to be done in a transparent and appropriate manner, and Morgan accepts, even if his intermediary didn’t, that a signed contract is there to protect all parties.

In terms of the behaviour of both Elite Management and their intermediary Dominic Yarwood, the club cannot comment any further at this point. Legal proceedings have though already begun and are still ongoing – but what we can say, is the behaviour of one individual is quite simply jaw dropping.

Finally, we would like to thank football as a whole, and you football lovers out there who care as much as we do about the game. We can tell you that over 2.3 million of you supported the original article that set out the agent’s and intermediaries’ behaviour regarding Morgan.

On top of that, we have had literally hundreds and thousands of tweets and messages of support from you all and we feel that we should continue with our campaign for all agents and intermediaries to be regulated with the campaign slogan of #FootballMustWin.

So, if you believe that regulation of agents and intermediaries is desperately needed from the FA – then you really can help affect change. If you do agree with us, then please put #FootballMustWin after every football tweet over the next seven days and please send a tweet into the @FA for good measure.

Together we can affect change within football. Let’s affect change that will help not only football in general, but help our clubs, our managers, help the academy kids, the naive players, and the older players, and let’s help the good agents be recognised, and most importantly let’s drive out and expose the rogue agents and intermediaries.



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