Having lived in Borehamwood all my life and after coming down to Broughinge Road (Meadow Park) regularly since the age of seven (I’m now 53.) Having watched Borehamwood’s slow climb up the football pyramid, beating Bournemouth that day was quite simply the greatest day of my life. From the pure joy and excitement when we scored, through the hard-fought battle to the final whistle, followed by the wild celebrations both on the pitch and in the stands at the end. Wow! I am buzzing writing these words down on paper again right now. What a day! What a night!!! It was very emotional for everyone involved on that wonderful night.

I would like to thank everyone Boreham Wood Football Club for making us so proud and giving us such a special day. A day we will never ever forget. It felt an honour to be part of it all. Let’s hope our FA Cup run isn’t quite over yet…

On arrival at the Vitality Stadium by mini cab we turned the corner to witness the arrival of the Boreham Wood team coach. A buzz of excitement rippled through the Boreham Wood fans. I and one or two others punched the air and shouted “COME ON WOOD” through the smoked glass windows. I looked across at my Mrs (who had had a couple of glasses of wine by now) standing next to me, “It’s Lukey” she screamed and started enthusiastically waving her flag! Was that a look of love I saw in her eye? Haha. And this was before kick off!

Thanks again for giving us the best night we are ever likely to have, unless… Well, maybe we will beat Everton or go up to the Football League before this season is done. One thing I have learnt from my experience at Bournemouth is that sometimes dreams really do come true!


From Mark Kitson


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