A defensive howler as early as the 2nd minute consigned ‘Wood’s’ Under 19’s to their first defeat of the season, going down 1 – 0 in the Conference League Cup Semi final to a hard working Watford outfit.

The fact ‘Wood’ couldn’t finish a number of guilt edged chances meant they narrowly failed to go to their second National Cup Final in 8 days and although on possession and chances we can feel slightly hard done by, the effort showed by their opponents meant Boreham Wood could not begrudge Watford on the day.

However as we enter the business end of the season the Under 19’s must themselves be ready to go again. Wood’s young guns will have to pick themselves up quickly and as the Chairman Danny Hunter said, “Football can be such a great friend when you’re winning as was shown in last week’s National College Cup Semi win and it can be a cruel mistress when you lose, as the boys have now found out against Watford.”

Hunter continued “So although I commiserate with our players, I must also congratulate the victors who worked extremely hard on the day. Our players need to remember how much this defeat has hurt them, they need to understand it’s part and parcel of football, but they need to accept it and move on. As a group they have a lot of football still to play and they should be very proud of what they’re achieving. We have a Southern Counties League title to retain, we have a College National Cup title to retain, we have a Champions of Champions Cup to win, we have a Brian Hitchings Cup to win and we have a SESSA Cup final to play for, as well as a College League title or two.”

Hunter concluded “So although the boys are disappointed, let’s look at the positives across the board in what is proving to be a hugely successful season for our coaches, structure and players, but with success you also need a little bit of luck with injuries, decisions and it’s what makes Football the fantastic game it is, and learning to lose is all part of the football education for these very talented boys.”


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