Boreham Wood Football Club announced this week, that demand for their astro pitch was again very strong, with the club timetabling their customers into the slots and evenings of their choice.

As a result a number of new slots have become available (please see the list below).

Anyone interested in using the Club for their training, or one of the available timeslots suit your group of friends for a kick about, please contact Matthew Hunter at the club on 020 8953 5097.

Available Slots

Monday Evenings – 6pm – 7pm (Pitch 2)

Tuesday Evenings – 8pm – 9pm (Pitch 1)

Tuesday Evenings – 7pm – 8.30pm (Pitch 2)

Tuesday Evenings – 7pm – 8.30pm (Pitch 3)

Wednesday Evenings – 7pm – 8.30pm (Pitch 2)

Wednesday Evenings – 7pm – 8.30pm (Pitch 3)

Thursday Evenings – 8.30pm – 10pm (Pitch 2)

Friday Evenings – 8.30pm – 10pm (Pitch 2)   


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