To our Amazing fans, sponsors, partners, players and staff.

It’s been a long, hard and demanding year for many of us but when I look back so many of you you were always by my side.

So many of you have quietly helped me, my family and this football club in recent years deal with loss and perhaps mend a broken spirit and you all have my thanks.

As we say goodbye to what was a mixed 2023 and as we see the New Year in. The loss of our loved ones this evening is never far away from our thoughts.

In loss time is our only healer, as life will go on and so as we enter 2024 the pain of those taken from us in 2023 must be balanced off by their memories that are firmly locked in all of our hearts.

As we get closer to midnight, I’m very grateful to so many of you who have personally helped me cope with my own loss and helped me realise that life is still a wonderful adventure and life is still there to be lived.

My wish for you all this New Year, is simply health and happiness, while being surrounded by real people who genuinely care about you, and people who really do appreciate your friendship.

This Football Club is unashamedly the love of my life, and in truth you supporters are its oxygen, its heart beat and its lifeblood.

I promise you all that the club will be doing it’s best to give you a 2024 to remember, and as I’ve said many times trust me we WILL NOT be relegated.

So before the phones start blowing up this evening, It just leaves me to thank you all once again for your support, care, kindness and your friendship and to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and blessed New Year.

“Here’s to fulfilling our dreams together and of course let’s raise a glass to absent friends”

Happy New Year.

Danny xx



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