Ahead of our FIRST EVER trip to Wembley, we’ve scoured the internet to find a list of 10 need-to-know (or not so need-to-know) facts about the country’s iconic stadium.

  • It cost an incredible £800m to build.


  • The 90,000-seater stadium is so large that you could park 25,000 buses inside it.


  • The arch is so large that you could roll the London Eye underneath it with room to spare, and you could drive a channel tunnel train through it.


  • At least one person from every single county in England was involved at some stage of the construction process – it really is the nation’s stadium!


  • To ensure that the atmosphere of the new stadium was not diminished, and that the famous ‘Wembley Roar’ was conserved, the seats were specifically designed to be as close to the action as possible.


  • Hungry? The stadium has 98 kitchens.


  • If you decided to fill the stadium with beer (just because), you would need seven billion pints.


  • The stadium has more toilets than any other building on earth – 2,618.


  • On a match day, the Wembley pitch grass is cut three times to ensure it’s as neat as it can be.


  • There is a time capsule buried underneath Wembley. The capsule contains the architect’s original sketches of the iconic Wembley Arch. The capsule also contains memorabilia from the city’s 2012 Olympic bid and bits of the previous stadium that stood where Wembley is today. 


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