Boreham Wood Football Club wish to put the record straight, after reading Chester FC’s very biased media statement against us as a small football club trying to pay our way in a National Premier League..

We are talking about their media departments statement following their decision to refuse to make a contribution for the right to make a live radio broadcast of the BWFC v Chester game to their fee paying subscriber channel, which is clearly a stand alone club business enterprise.

We totally respect the staff of any subscription channels or business and their decision makers. We respect their right to say no to our small broadcasting fees but we are very unhappy to be used once again by Chester’s media departments in what is simply excuse diatribe. This happened last season and on that occasion we chose to say nothing but enough is enough.

So let’s be clear, BWFC will make absolutely no apologies for charging any visiting club a small fee of between £50 to £80, should they wish to broadcast either a live radio broadcast or wish to replay match highlights on their subscription channel and literally everybody has known our stance for over a year..

When any visiting club clearly runs a for profit subscribers channel and when we are asked to clearly provide the venue and half of the entertainment on view, then why would we give that away free of charge, when the visiting club are charging their own supporters??

As a balance to Chester’s media departments childish “we feel very hard done by” argument. We maintain that the deal the National league board, negotiated with the BBC to provide ‘free’ local radio coverage that can be accessed by everyone, is more than sufficient for each and every home and away fan..

We also maintain that a visiting clubs subscription channel and its fees and expenses, are only known by those individual clubs but they are certainly not run at a loss. That means they must accept that the clubs that they visit, will all have differing views and if that means a small charge is asked for, that should be respected.

Our view is very simple. We feel that to expect BWFC or other clubs for that matter to provide a subscription company/club with ‘free’ entertainment for profit subscription channels is simply unfair..

It’s not rocket science to work out that any home club has to pay pay salaries for players, groundsman, kit men, ground staff, stewards, gate people, ball boys, doctors, tannoy staff, caterers, cleaners, medical, floodlights, hospitality, general licences, health and safety etc and of course the latest technology to broadcast..

We also want to make the point re attendances that is often overlooked, in what is a totally dominated sky sports world. We want to encourage as many people as possible to our ground to watch and witness live football..

We believe by giving away our broadcast rights and social media rights for next to nothing affects that affects things across the whole spectrum of non league football.

We more than most realise that National Premier League football is an expensive product to put on and by giving away our product ‘free’ of charge to a subscription channel. Would just not happen in any other business and If you want an example just ask Sky Sports and the Premier League..

Chester have loyal subscribers. Subscribers who are clearly being short changed by the people running their pay to view channel. We would strongly suggest that the Chester media department now stop trying to deflect their inadequacies on us and get agreements in place with all the away clubs..

If they are selling their fans a product that they cannot provide or if they cannot afford £50/£80 for the BWFC game then they shouldn’t be in business.

The Chester media department will of course whinge at the total affront that a small club like ourselves have by standing up to them. However the truth is, they would be better suited to putting out intelligent statements to apologise to everyone of their subscribing supporters who they are misleading..

They have been given over 12 months prior notice from us in writing. Detailing our policy and explaining politely our position.. So they have known, as every visiting club has known about this well in advance..

We will continue to ask for a small fee paid in good faith for what is a value for money product where we do provide 50% of the entertainment.. We always pay our way, we never ask for scout passes, we pay our bills and players on time and we know the value of a pound note..

If Chester’s media department cannot guarantee their subscribers what they promise in pre season. If they are so financially challenged that they cannot afford to pay a small fee to the opposing club for providing them the technology to broadcast. Providing them the venue, the opposition and the ground staff to allow the game to go ahead, then their subscribers need to ask them where their money goes and vent their anger at them by cancelling their subscription..


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