With the club booking and subsidising 20 first class train travel reservations, for our visit to Barrow next Saturday. It was no surprise that the initiative was SOLD OUT within a day…

BWFC Chairman Danny Hunter on hearing this, has now decided to help other ‘Wood Army’ fans who are travelling by car up to Barrow..

Grant Morris the clubs Media and Communications manager said “The Chairman has informed me today that he will subsidise each car that travels up to Barrow by giving the driver of each vehicle £25 per as his contribution to their petrol costs”..

“All he asks is that they fill the car up on their journey up the motorway and give me their petrol receipt as proof of purchase.. I will then verify their purchase and give them the £25 towards their petrol costs on the day, so it couldn’t be easier..

Hunter said “Firstly it felt right to subsidise 20 of our fans first class rail travel and in truth it has gone down really well. I was genuinely pleased that the offer was sold out within hours but I was then made aware that others who had already made plans to head up to Barrow by car, had felt they’d been left out”..

“So if me giving up a couple of quid helps four or five cars to get up there, then it’s a gesture that I want to do. It simply shows my appreciation to our fans for them putting themselves out so close to Christmas. If that in turn helps our supporters to have a day out, gives us a voice on the terraces and we manage to get ourselves a result up there, then I’m more than happy to oblige”.. Hunter concluded.

How to Claim your £25.00 reimbursement.

Please notify Grant Morris that you will be travelling up by car by either emailing grant.bwfc@outlook.com or calling 07703658554.

Please provide your petrol receipt at the game and £25.00 will be reimbursed to you.


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