Boreham Wood Football Club Chairman Danny Hunter has taken his time, before giving his opinion and questioning the National league’s main sponsor Vanarama, for their recent tweets and put downs about our fan’s attendance numbers at the recent Promotion Final at Wembley Stadium.

Vanarama – who are our league sponsor, and a brand led company who like to portray themselves as the working class people’s champion of affordable car and van hire – implied through their company tweets on the biggest day in our club’s history, that our supporters were almost non-existent, and according to them, had disguised themselves as Wembley seats.

The Wood Chairman felt those comments were not only unnecessary, but disrespectful of our small town club. Especially, when put into the context of them coming from the National League’s so called impartial main sponsor.

Hunter said: “I’m told there were around 1,800 neutrals in a crowd of just over 16,000 and that we took just over 4,000 supporters from a town of around 31,000 inhabitants. That’s around 13% of our total local population.

“Tranmere Rovers I’m told, took around 10,500, which from a population in Birkenhead of 90,000, is 11% of their population – which again is fantastic support, bearing in mind the distances they have all had to travel.

“So rather than disparage our fans or our support – perhaps Vanarama should just congratulate two very hard working sets of players, two very well run football clubs, and two sets of supporters for achieving what they did. Like myself and our club, Vanarama should simply congratulate the victors, namely Tranmere Rovers, Mark Palios, their fantastic staff, manager, players and supporters on getting themselves back into League Two.”




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