Due to the long standing partnership between Arsenal FC and Boreham Wood FC, and because of the shared usage of the facilities at Meadow Park, we feel we must follow the FA, the Premier League and Arsenal FC’s lead in respect to COVID-19 actions and protocols.

Having been fully briefed, and after subsequent confirmation that Arsenal FC Manager Mikel Arteta was confirmed with a positive COVID-19 result, it has been agreed by all parties, that the Arsenal vs. Spurs Under 23 development game due to be played at Meadow Park this evening, as well as other games this weekend, are to be postponed.

Although Mikel has not visited Meadow Park for some weeks, it was very clear that many of his support staff had attended recent development and youth games held at Meadow Park and all had been in contact with him at the Arsenal training centre.

As such it has been decided by Wood Chairman Danny Hunter, after consultation with the FA and the officials of the National League, that every precautionary measure must be afforded to our staff, to all visiting staff, to all players, to match officials and to supporters.

The Boreham Wood Chairman and his key staff, believed decisive action was needed immediately, in consideration of safety concerns and travel costs to visitors of Meadow Park and the real health concerns that have to be addressed and recognised immediately.

As such, tonight’s Arsenal vs. Spurs Under 23 PL2 game, Boreham Wood’s National League game vs. Torquay United tomorrow, and Arsenal Women’s WSL game vs. Spurs on Sunday, will all have to be postponed for the reasons given above.

Boreham Wood FC wish to assure our staff, community and both the home and away fans who visit Meadow Park, that we will never take chances with your health or pretend we are not in the midst one of the greatest pandemics of our time. That said, we are prepared for any criticism should it come our way over this decision and for people to think it is an overreaction.

No matter how important it may seem to many of us today, as a National league Club who holds a position of responsibility to its players, staff and fans, as well as visiting players, staff and fans, we take our obligations very seriously surrounding their safety and health.


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