Today is a very proud day for me, my family and for my late father’s memory, as a manager of Boreham Wood Football Club, way back in the 60s and 70s.

After 19 years here as Chairman, I have got so many people to send genuine thanks to. In fact, so many people, it would take me a month of Sundays to get around to them all. But, I know, that they know who they are…

Today though for me, is far more than just a football match… It is about unity, it is about our town, it is about our club and it is about our community. So, no matter what happens today, we are all going up Wembley Way together to face the mighty Tranmere Rovers, more united than I have ever known our club, our town and our community.

So, to my staff, to my manager Luke Garrard and to our dressing room, I simply say, you are an absolute credit to yourselves, to your families and to this football club. You have without a doubt, earned the right to play on the biggest of all stages in world football, so savour every minute, savour every moment, and enjoy every second of your trip to Wembley.

Finally, I say to you, the Wood Army – and today, it really is a true Wood Army – we will try everything in our power to take you into the Football League, and trust me, we will give it everything we have got.

This club and my talented young manager Luke Garrard and his dressing room, will not have left a stone unturned in its preparation, trust me. But, if it is not our day, then, and I say this with utter conviction; we are not just a football club, we are a family, we will support each other, we will remain united and like we have always done in the past, when faced with a setback, we will go again tomorrow…

So, enjoy your day for all it is worth, and always remember, we are the Wood and if the footballing Gods are smiling down on us, then I will see you all in League Two. And trust me, our community and my late father’s memory, will be coming with me.

It’s over to you,



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