Boreham Wood FC and their partner Verulam School in St Albans, have continued to progress their joint sports education programme over the past year. This gives students who do not attend the school the opportunity to do A-Levels at Verulam and excel both Academically and through the Football Club.

Due to two students not meeting the entry criteria, we can announce that two places have just become available at Verulam that will allow two students who do achieve grades A – C and live in the Hertfordshire area a chance to join the PASE Scheme.

The criteria is a simple one. The students/players would need to leave their current school and commit to a full time Education/Sport program. They will need to have achieved or believe they will achieve A – C GCSE grades and pass a football trial at Boreham Wood Football Club. If they are successful they will be able to study a wide variety of A Levels at Verulam whilst training at Boreham Wood FC. There will be transport provided from school to training by Boreham Wood FC and to your matches.

 So if you are a talented footballer who is interested in pursuing higher education and would like more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us on

0208 953 57 16, or


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