Boreham Wood FC can announce that after our very first and successful Stadium Pub Garden initiative on Saturday afternoon proved so successful with nearly 100 fans popping in to say hello, we are seriously considering putting a large outdoor screen into the Stadium for next Saturday’s Play-off Semi-final against Harrogate Town.

Chairman Danny Hunter said, “Myself and Luke agreed after we had popped into the Club on Saturday, that it was lovely to share a pint and see so many of our fans, both old and new, so excited and calling in to say hello.

“It was great to see our East Stand alive, with the Club Shop also open, and with our supporters in and around us with their Wood shirts on again, and as such we’d like to feel that fan energy is with us again next Saturday.

“So, I’m thinking of opening the North Bank, so we can transmit the game live to our supporters, so that our dressing room, through their phones and social media, can feel the excitement of the day, as they travel up to Harrogate and before they go out to play the game on behalf of their community.

“We know we’re the underdogs, we always know we’re the underdogs, but with our crowd average it’s what we do… We know what the script will say long before it’s written, but we’re the non-league kings of re-writing pre-written scripts.

“I already know for instance, through the interviews given by Simon Weaver the Harrogate Manager, that he’s saying Saturday ‘is the most important game in their club’s history.’ Wow, that’s real pressure and it’s not something I could perhaps deal with.

“I can only speak for us, and for us at Boreham Wood FC, we don’t see this game as anything like that type of pressure. No for us, whilst it is, of course, a pressure game because we also have quiet ambition and incredible ability within our very experienced squad, but win or lose we’re injury free, we’re in very good shape for the game, as well as for next season on and off the pitch. So, if we’re lucky enough to nick a win then I’m ecstatic but if we do lose, then I’m just very proud of the whole Club, I will wish our friends at Harrogate Town well and move on.

“I’ve been here before many times, and come Saturday evening, we hope to be moving onto Wembley, and remember myself, my Gaffer, my staff and many in this dressing room have together been there before in the not too distant past and know what that feels like.

“But if it’s not our time, it’s not our time. Our dressing room will have, win or lose, given the Gaffer, the Town and each other their very, very best. So, we are either moving onto to a date at Wembley with Notts County or our close friends at Barnet, or I’m giving the whole club a few weeks off, to collect their thoughts and to get themselves ready for another tough season ahead, because every one of them will have an offer of employment in front of them.”



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