Boreham Wood FC are delighted to announce to our existing season ticket holders that your discounted season ticket price set last year will remain the same price for next season.

Our Chairman had publicly stated that he wanted to reward those of you who kept faith with him and the Club during the pandemic and he feels this offer means he has achieved that aim.

The Club can also confirm it will not be selling any other season tickets for any existing category for next season. Instead, the Club can announce after consultation with a wide range of long term and more casual supporters, that we will roll out a new affordable ‘Black Card’ membership scheme.

The scheme will include additional benefits such as entry into our new season ticket/members only bar, Club Shop discounts and will also include other facility hire discounts…

The Club can also announce that for those of you who have already, or will have by the season’s end, purchased 12 or more home ‘live’ streams, you will receive a FREE membership for the 2021/22 season.

Upon this announcement, Chairman Danny Hunter said, “I’ve tried to find a way forward, to be fair to all and reward loyalty but I’m not going to please everyone… However, I’m genuinely excited by the new membership scheme, as it is both affordable and it signifies a more common-sense approach from the Club.

“It will allow us to assist many of our more casual supporters who, if I’m honest, are also season ticket holders at the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, West Ham and Watford, with an affordable new membership scheme that will give them discounted admission prices and allow entry into our new members only bar when they do visit Meadow Park…

“I stated publicly that I really wanted to reward, in the best way I could, our season ticket holders who have stuck with me during the pandemic and over the last year. I feel I’ve now done that, but after 22 seasons of trying to build regular home support, I do need to be a pragmatic Chairman who accepts the new challenges in front of me.

“We are a small community football club; we are punching well above our weight and I cannot at present meet our expectations. So, I’ve got to make people understand the costs to compete at this level are astronomical and somehow appeal to both our loyal and more casual supporters for some patience. In truth those casual supporters will only get to our bigger or midweek games and that all leaves our home support more aligned to the Ryman Premier League than the National League.

“I now need our fan base to rally around the Club, as it is still nowhere near the levels we will need if we are to sustain a football club within the National League as we come out of a pandemic. I will need fans to patiently stick with me if I’m to navigate a step-by-step approach to a more sustainable community football club that can hopefully remain competitive and with ambition.

“I need to completely rebuild my business model to create a clearer and more sustainable survival pathway that’s not SO reliant just on me and my other businesses… As such, the Club business model over the next few years must be addressed carefully and I must somehow get this football club off of life support, as I know I cannot underpin the Clubs’ huge losses, and even bigger expectations, indefinitely…

“Over the next 8 weeks or so, I will hopefully be able to announce a number of new commercial initiatives, certainly including a delayed planning schedule, while announcing one or two new longer-term partnerships and commercial contracts. In truth, I do need a bit of help occasionally, as we look to put together next season’s first team squad, and the more people that get behind us the stronger we will be.

“Much has been made of my remortgage, tax deferment, and the business interruption loan that has allowed us to get through this season. These issues now need to be readdressed, but it must be remembered that, despite assurances at the highest level, we were not successful with our Sport England Winter Survival loan application. That means creating a new business plan, with lots to overcome if I’m to navigate our Club to the holy grail of the first game of next season with a competitive squad and a Club that is solvent, as that is always my goal and that has never changed.” Hunter concluded.


Adults – £149.00
OAPS – £149.00
U20 – £80.00
U16 – £50.00
U12 – FREE

Please note:

  • Season ticket prices for existing season ticket holders will be the frozen price of the 2020/21 season.
  • Existing under 12’s will continue to be eligible for a FREE 2021/22 season ticket, but this only applies to those under 12’s who had a season ticket for the 2020/21 season. If you were an under 12 last season, but have since turned 12 or 13 and are no longer eligible for the under 12 season ticket, you can purchase an under 16 season ticket at the reduced price of £50.00 if you so choose…
  • This same premise also applies if you were an under 16 season ticket holder last year but now fall into the under 20 category, you too can purchase a season ticket at the under 20 discounted price of £80.00
  • Lastly, this too applies if you were an under 20 season ticket holder last year but now fall into the adult category, you too can purchase a season ticket at the adult discounted price of £149.00.


Adults – £220.00 (£10.00 a game)
OAPS – £220.00 (£10.00 a game)
U16 – £100.00 (£4.54 a game)
U12 – £50.00 (£2.27 a game)


Our new membership scheme will have a very simple flat fee of £50.00 for the 2021/22 season across all age categories.

The new black card membership scheme will give you Club benefits such as, but not limited to, access to the newly created members only home bar on a matchday, as well as significantly reduced match day admission prices. Other benefits are still to be completely confirmed but may include priority ticket access to cup matches, discount in the Club Shop, discount on facility hire etc…


Category Black Card Member Price Standard Price
Adults £12.00 £20.00
OAP £12.00 £18.00
Under 16 £5.00 £12.00
Under 12 FREE £6.00




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