As has been well publicised, Boreham Wood Football Club held their famous PASE Academy trials today and they were a huge success. 

With four other well publicised trials being held across London and the Home Counties today, there was a slight concern whether BW PASE could once again compete with our competition.

Those concerns though were quickly dispelled, when close to 200 triallists descended on Meadow Park, the home of Boreham Wood Football Club. They arrived and took part in the first of our six spring/summer trials, that will ultimately determine the student/scholar intake for the academic year of 2018/19.

The trials covered game time, facility and stadium tours, and a brief talk with the BWFC Chairman Danny Hunter and BWFC manager Luke Garrard. The tours took the triallists around the stadium, and the study suites, and gave the lads a chance to meet their possible tutors, and allowed them to ask the relevant academic questions. 

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said: “There’s absolutely no hard sell here, as a lot of the lads who attend, know us well, as they are the younger brothers, cousins, or friends of the many PASE lads who’ve been so successful on our scheme in the past.

“There’s nobody in the UK I believe, who run a scheme quite like ours, or can match our success rates, in both the education and football sectors over a fifteen year period?

“In terms of our student retention, in terms of our course success rates, the multiple National League and cup titles won, the multiple England schools and Colleges internationals produced, and the multiple players who’ve either turned professional, or gone off to America to complete their degree through soccer scholarships – our record is number one, number one, number one…

“We still strive each year to ensure that our next cohort will continue that success, and we will be no different in terms of what we expect from them, and what we can offer them, as we want them to work hard to achieve their goals, within a safe, caring and learning environment.

“We’ll ensure our scholars will receive great coaching, and with the college’s assistance, they’ll receive good tutoring over a wide range of diverse courses, whether that’s A levels, BTECs, CYQ’s, IT, Construction and many, many more.

“It’s all here for them, and we have a record of success year-upon-year. Most things they need are under one roof once again, but perhaps with the new training facility built, we are now slightly bigger and better than before. As we can completely tailor our coaching sessions to meet a student’s timetable. We work around what best suits our students chosen education needs, and we can only do that with the help of our fantastic education providers Barnet and Southgate College.

“Remember, we still sit proudly as the double National Champions of both England and Wales. We have also produced five England Colleges internationals this season alone, and these lads will shortly tour Italy with the England Colleges hierarchy.

“We’re also a completely free scheme, save for the purchase of a subsidised training kit. And that kit includes tracksuit, coat, a kit bag and all the other bits and pieces, which basically make up their BW PASE uniform. And, it even includes a free BWFC season ticket, free insurance and a discounted meal card to ensure our lads get a hot meal every day.

“But as a father of five, once again it’s our student retention rates that stand out for me. When you can boast student retention year on year of around 93%, and can boast course success rates across the board of around 94%, you know you must be doing something right… Forget everything else, that for me as a parent, a guardian or as a student is a dream, as it points to a lad’s future success in or out of football.

“All we ever ask of our boys in return, is that they display consistent life lesson skills – like being on time, simply doing their best and showing the right attitude, discipline and desire in their time with us. Because if they do, then we believe they’ll ultimately progress themselves and have more chance to succeed in life.”

For more information on the PASE Academy or to register for our second trial, please call the PASE office on 020 8953 5716 or visit



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