Nunny Down Under1We caught up again this week with ‘Wood’ player Ben Nunn as he continues his travels around Asia and the Southern Hemisphere. Nunny spoke about his travels, how he misses playing and the ‘Wood’, and yes, he wrote the players and fans another poem to enjoy as we enter a busy Christmas period!

Nunny has travelled onto the Thai Islands and Malaysia since we last spoke in early November, here is the Nunny Down Under map (Blue lines are his travels since we last caught up).


1. Since we last spoke to you, what have you been up to and where have you visited?

The last few weeks we have been doing all the Thai Islands, so been really chilled a lot of beaches, boat trips, snorkeling and sun. We have been to Bangkok, Koh Toa, Koh Samoui, Krabi, Au Nang, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Langkawki now off too Kuala Lumpa.

image-72. I know last time we spoke you said you’ve yet to have a highlight and everything had been great, have you done anything now that is a distinct highlight of yours? 

In Koh Tao we hired out paddleboards just before sunset and it was incredible just sitting out at sea watching the sunset.

3. Can you sum up your experience for us in just 5 words?

The trip of a lifetime.

image-44. What do you miss most about football and Boreham Wood FC?

I miss playing very much. When your not there and involved you feel like your letting the team down but we have a great team and under great management from Gaffer, Luke and Maz. Can’t wait to get back playing and help in our push for promotion.

5. The boys have put a great run of form together recently do you have a message for the boys as we go through the busy Christmas period? Last time you wrote a poem for the boys, could you muster up another for us?

Rusty keep saving all them shots,
Luke if they play bad smack their hairy bots,
Jordan your like a son I never had,
Callum I miss you so bad,
Josh keep plodding about,
Coxy, pass then pout,
Scotty you is a thinker and a linker,
Monty don’t get mad if Gaffer says you have a stinker,
But keep scoring them worldy goals,
Shakesy all about finding the little holes,
Matty don’t stop tearing up the wings,
Junior, head down and smash things,
Lee keep scoring in the no flex zone,
Austin don’t go back, stay on loan,
Mario your experience is key,
Go and grab a winner Lewis Toomey,
Courts be the voice we need,
Meg mend them cuts if they bleed,
Gaffer keep guiding us to promotion,
Be right back, just putting on my sun tan lotion.

6. Lastly, is there any update on a date we can expect you back in the ‘Wood’ white and black?

I reckon I will be back about February time but not 100%, trying to get it all done so I can get back playing.

Everyone at BWFC wishes Nunny a Merry Christmas abroad with his girlfriend, a very happy New Year, and we look forward to welcoming him back at Meadow Park in the near future.


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