To all my wonderful friends, family, staff, loved ones and of course the Wood Army.

I just want to say before this most difficult of year comes to an end, and before the phones start jamming at midnight, and before the world becomes that little bit false for those early pre-midnight minutes…

That I hope this New Year can give you the strength to rewrite the story of your life in the way you want it to be written. Let’s all remember that no New Year can ever be perfect, especially this one, but with hope does come faith…

Let’s together, ignore the negative and embrace the positive, and may the old year as it passes, take away all of our sorrows, regrets and our miseries as it goes.

Let doubt be replaced with the hope and optimism of family, friends and our togetherness.

Let this New year be the time we recall the memories we’ve collected, the great times that we’ve had together and perhaps it will let us deal honestly with tomorrow and our inner fears.

Always remember wherever we may reside, distance is the last thing that can divide us or put a dent in our friendship, love and respect.

Finally, may God bless you all in these troubled times and here’s to a very safe, happy and healthy New Year.

So whether I’m called Mr Chairman, Dad, Grandad, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend or simply Danny, let us continue our journey as we try to get through this pandemic united and together.

Take care, stay safe!

Danny xx


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