Boreham Wood Football Club are happy to announce to our supporters, the re launch of our official online BWTV channel…

The improved site will offer a wide range of features, that include pay per view match highlights, manager/player Interviews and an e-programme package. To give our fans the chance to judge the improvements we’ve made, they can now view the highlights of our home games ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ throughout February and can also access and read the e-programme’s.

Other new BWTV initiatives will include, a match day photo gallery with action shots from most of BWFCs first team fixtures. Plus additional club videos and promotions, such as the popular “MONTYSAURUSREX”, “SHAKESINATOR and “MATTY THE MAGIC MAN” player compilation videos.

The BWTV channel has been an idea Boreham Wood have tried to get off the ground for the last 18 months. However we felt the product we offered previously, did not meet the desired level of quality and consistency that we had expected to achieve or our supporters deserved.

After a re-think and 3 months of further redevelopment, we have we believe an improvement on our original concept. We believe though it is not perfect, it is certainly a much better product than we provided before and we ask you now to be the judge.

By trying to create a new slicker BWTV look, we hope it will compliment our new improved match-day programme and with the re building of our new website (which goes live shortly), it will showcase another media initiative. If successful that can only help us to attract further sponsorship locally and give our expats and supporters who cannot make the game, a chance to view BWTV and contribute financially to its success.

We hope all our supporters appreciate Boreham Wood Football Clubs efforts regarding the BWTV re launch and hope you agree, we are finally beginning to achieve the quality that we have been aiming and striving for.

Anyway the match highlights, interviews and match day e programme from Saturdays 0 – 0 draw against Concord Rangers, are now available on line for your entertainment. The Concord game on Saturday was a close game and though not full of goals, it was full of honest endeavour.

By clicking on the link below, take a look and we hope you like what you see.. Put simply we think you’ll see a better product, good honest grass roots highlights, well framed interviews and get online access to our e programme.

As we said earlier, while we bed BWTV down, this initiative will be offered ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ throughout February.

We hope you enjoy our efforts and enjoy the new format.



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