After eleven years away from the club, former Boreham Wood manager Micky Engwell has returned as Development Team Manager.

Engwell’s return has brought an energy and an excitement into the club, and he will assist in development, community and first team coaching.

On returning, the former Manager elated: “I am delighted to be back here, and I hope that I can bring some banter into the club, as you know I try to haha.

“I would like to think that my return can help to make it an enjoyable environment for people who come in and work. While, also remembering that we need to take it seriously and do things the correct way.

“I believe that I can also bring in my knowledge and my experience of the game back to the club and I can teach that to the youngsters.”

Having spent the past 11 years at Hertswood School, Engwell is relishing the chance to work within a football club once more.

“It just feels like I have returned home,” Engwell commented. “And it all came about through a chance meeting with the Chairman Danny Hunter. I had been at Hertswood school for eleven years and me and Danny got talking and he found out that they had made me redundant.

“Within a couple of days, we had arranged to go out and have a meal and he came up with a job offer. I will be working with Cameron Mawer, Luke Garrard and Terry Harris on a mixture of first team matters, Elite training and community coaching.”

Engwell was first at the club over 15-years-ago, originally as a player, and then as a manager. The coach assisted in the launch of the now hugely successful PASE scheme and explained his pride at the size of the academy now.

“I was here when the PASE Scheme first started, way back in the early 2000s. We started the PASE academy before I left to go to Hertswood.

“I think that when we first started PASE, we only had 13-16 boys on the scheme, it was all in house and they done all their work here.

“It is just a different world now and there is a reason why this is the best scheme in the country. We have gone from 16 boys to 600 boys, and they are all playing football at a high standard.

“Everything at this club has changed for the better; the pitch; the staff; the stand; and just everything in general, the whole club is so much bigger and better.”

With the club having grown enormously since his first spell, Engwell will be working across a number of different departments and he discussed his various roles here.

“It is a completely different club,” Engwell admitted. “And as such, my day-to-day roles will be very different from when I was here before. My list of jobs is fairly extensive; if the first team are training then I will be involved with that, if they are not, then I will be doing the Elite training in the afternoon.

“I will also be doing a lot of work with the local schools and the community around here, hosting different events, such as the youth tournaments that we have just had.

“It is quite a vigorous day and there is a lot to do, but it is enjoyable, all coaching and all football, I am really, really enjoying it.”


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