Au Revoir McMahon

Boreham Wood Chairman Danny Hunter spoke of his frustration at losing talisman Daryl McMahon but said he had to respect the players wishes after Wood’s Manager Ian Allinson had given his approval on his departure after speaking with the player.

The Chairman said “Eastleigh approached us about Daryl prior to the Christmas period and at that point both Ian and myself managed to convince Daryl that his future was with Boreham Wood and as such we turned down there offer… Unfortunately Eastleigh again renewed their interest in Daryl on Thursday.  They offered him, in truth an amazing package and I mean amazing for him to join them.  I spoke to my Gaffer who told me he believed Daryl’s head had been turned by the size of the offer and as such he gave his consent for his departure”.

Hunter went on “I tried again to convince Daryl to stay a second time which I could not.  So it became a case of getting the best deal for the football club, which I think I’ve done by negotiating a four figure settlement with Eastleigh, whilst agreeing with Daryl and our Gaffer that he would play in our 3 – 0 victory over Weston Super Mare last Saturday before signing  for Eastleigh on Monday. 

“This deal has now been completed and we sadly now not only need a new midfield player but a new Assistant Manager which is not easy at this stage of the season”.

The Chairman, who is away on business, concluded “Daryl would though remain with Boreham Wood full time, as a valued member of the Clubs Academy Coaching Staff.  He has been fantastic for us and his role as Assistant Manager should not be underestimated… I’m personally very sad to lose him as a player, I’m even sadder to lose his as Assistant Manager but I’m also equally delighted that he remains with our PASE Scheme and I’m sure he will play a big part in our future plans.”


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