Boreham Wood Football Club are absolutely delighted to announce a new three year main sponsorship contract with our education partners Barnet and Southgate College.

The sponsorship will cover a multitude of club initiatives and allow for more community based exposure opportunities for the college. It also ties very nicely into the recently announced education/sporting contract signed between both bodies and is seen as another building block in the longstanding partnership between the two local institutions.

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said, “I’m extremely thankful to Barnet and Southgate College’s Director of Employer Partnerships Tracey McIntosh, for agreeing to renew what is a very important main sponsorship. Our Main Sponsorship agreement is not something as a community club that we can ever just hand to anyone as we always see it as a very prestigious long standing arrangement and partnership that’s not just about what companies have got the most money. Experience has taught us short term deals for financial gain don’t last, so the Main Sponsorship fit has to mirror the club’s profile, it has to fit with what our club stands for and fit with our future branding and investment.

“So to find the ideal partners is never easy, as we have to ensure that we can give our Main Sponsors true value for money returns that will keep them coming back for many years because they see us as an important partner and collaborator in both their business model and in their business plans going forward. I believe this agreement mirrors that and is the perfect fit as it covers site investment, student numbers and recruitment, it brands perfectly the College name on our first team shirts and around our stadium. It also covers both our onsite and offsite advertising/branding, our new West stand naming rights and a multitude of other community initiatives.

“Those initiatives will obviously include promoting the College and our good name throughout the borough of Hertsmere, the Home Counties and of course across London but with our Academy and club flourishing we are confident we can achieve that. Finally it’s a contract that over the fullness of time will, we hope, show real community and commercial benefits for all parties and that can only be good news for everyone”

Tracey McIntosh Barnet and Southgate Director of Employer Partnerships said “As a college we recognised a long time ago the great work the club does locally. As such we have worked very closely with the club and their chairman Danny Hunter to help improve our understanding of local education needs and our established education/sports programmes. These are exciting times for both Boreham Wood Football Club and Barnet and Southgate College, so we’re delighted to remain as their Principle Sponsor for the next three years, as we continue to help both the club and their academy grow”.



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