Having given our best once again down at Dover, we came up just short this afternoon. We always knew before the season began, that this was going to be a very long, hard season and we knew that we would need to be a united club, especially when we get beat to have any chance of survival..

The Chairman, manager and players, through our website and Twitter want you our travelling supporters to know, just how much your increased away support is appreciated.. At Dover today, you sang your hearts out, you encouraged and you really got behind the lads once again and it really does inspire the players..

They are all as desperate as you are to put points on the board and perhaps if Juniors header hadn’t crashed down off the bar and back out in the last minute, we may of got the point our second half performance perhaps deserved?? But it did bounce out and we did end up with nothing, so we must accept that, wipe our mouths and go again..

Please ensure you remain as positive as the Chairman, Ian Allinson and the dressing room but your expectations must be managed and must be realistic. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re punching way above our weight with our crowds and at present we do sit in 15th place and it could and should of been a little better than that..

So we ask that you try and get yourself down to Meadow Park, as our lack of a real home crowd is more than disappointing, when compared to our fantastic travelling support..

Also and very importantly please don’t let one or two people’s negativity on Facebook get you down or alter your mindset. This league is going to be tough enough without negativity and if we remain competitive, we will survive..

The Chairman has said that our aim this season is too stay in the division, to establish a travel club, to improve our home support and to give the town a club to be proud of by making the FA Trophy an absolute priority..

We all know that nothing is easy.. However on a positive note due to the increased away support, our attendances at Meadow Park are up by nearly 80% on last season.

Next Saturday we will be hosting one of the National leagues big clubs in Grimsby Town. Let’s forget about pretending we are a big club, let’s remember who we are… or put in simple terms ‘We are the Wood’..

We’ve got a massive underdog game against Grimsby Town next Saturday and we need you there. We need your passion, we need you vocal and we honestly need a crowd. So bring a friend, drag a family member to the game and who knows you might even enjoy it and witness another Wood victory and a Tranmere like upset??





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