Today, Boreham Wood FC Chairman Danny Hunter spoke with the Club’s Media Manager Nicole Cox and denied claims that our much sought after talent that is Sorba Thomas has played his last game for the Club.

Cox asked Hunter about the chances of keeping the fans favourite at Meadow Park with the January transfer window now open, to which Hunter replied “Blimey it’s only New Year’s Day and we’ve got our big local derby against Barnet to concentrate on tomorrow, and then a certain game against Millwall in the FA Cup to worry about…

Hunter continued, “When the last window shut, I went on the record publicly and explained politely that we would not be pressured or rushed in regard to Sorba’s future and nothing has changed. We said in October, after holding sensible discussions with the player, that we would put him on the transfer list with our valuation circulated amongst interested parties, to gauge what interest there is, and we have done exactly that.

“By being open and transparent with Sorbs, by communicating any updates to him, he has stuck to his side of the bargain by being quite magnificent for us on the pitch. By him doing that, he has made things easy on my part, in regard to giving my contacts within the game, and any other genuinely interested clubs the heads up on where we stood.

“So, we’ll not rush anything now, we’ll no doubt sit down with Sorb’s after the Millwall game, but he’s been updated on the nibbles, on the genuine interest and on any offers, and we’ll take it from there.

“We won’t turn this transfer speculation into a Dutch auction. As I think by doing that, we do the interested Clubs and Sorba a disservice by trying to create a bidding war. That’s not how we want to work here, and I feel it should not just be about the highest bidder?

“I must take a view and do what’s best for the Club, but I must also look at what’s in the players best interest, while ensuring our valuation is met. We’ve always believed that our valuation was very fair but there are always other factors to consider.

“Sorba has been with us for 6 years. Firstly with Cameron Mawer and the Academy coaches at youth team level and now with Luke Garrard and the senior coaching team, who have developed him beautifully. So, in the end this will ultimately become a Sorba Thomas decision, as that’s what I agreed with him back in October if our valuation was met.

“However, in the meantime let’s not lose focus, as we have a huge week in front of us. We haven’t played in three weeks since Sorbs got our 87th minute winner against Aldershot. So our preparation hasn’t been great and we do need to keep our momentum going by getting ourselves a result against our local rivals Barnet tomorrow…

“After the Barnet game, we’ve got the small matter of the Millwall game to look forward to. As such, history and the record books beckon for the Club, for Luke, for Sorba and for the whole dressing room. We’re really excited as it’s our first ever game in the FA Cup 3rd Round and our supporters must trust me, Sorbs will still be our player and doing his very best to get us into the FA Cup 4th Round.” Hunter concluded.



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