Boreham Wood Football Club Chairman Danny Hunter was pleased that fairness was achieved at the Football Association’s Headquarters at Wembley on Monday afternoon.

Hunter said in a detailed statement, “We had a thorough Tribunal hearing, in which all parties put over their case. This concerned the re-engagement offer made by St Albans City FC to Inih Effiong which he rejected and our offer of compensation to St Albans that was also rejected.

As St Albans Chairman Mr Ridley, had insisted on a £5,000 fee, plus a 50% sell-on, for Inih, we genuinely felt because we had played a major part in his development, that we could not agree with that valuation.

Thankfully after everything was considered by the Football Association, they agreed with us and we have been asked to compensate St Albans City to the tune of £1,500 with a 20% sell on. We are happy to do so and are very pleased that common sense prevailed and our role and investment in Inih’s development has finally been acknowledged.

We hope this is now an end to the matter as we have ambitions to continue to progress above our current 8th place in the Conference South table. We also wish St Albans City well, in their quest to win promotion from the Southern League. Two strong clubs locally and good natured rivalry is good for everyone.” Said the Boreham Wood Chairman.

Hunter went on “As I said clearly in my only statement on this way back on August 3rd. St Albans City’s Chairman Mr Ridley, will not be judged by making huge issues or unrealistic demands over Inih Effiong that’s just a distraction. He’ll be judged by the St Albans City supporters on what he achieves on and off the field over the coming years and by the success he brings to them and the appointments he makes.”

“However, contrary to what some people think, I genuinely wish the Saints board and their supporters well. People should remember my father Micky Hunter managed St Albans City in the 70’s for a short time. Although Dad tried very hard, he couldn’t be the success he or we as a family, had hoped he’d be at Clarence Park and this obviously cost him his job, but that’s football.

I now live in the St Albans area, as do my kids, my brother, my nephews and nieces and a good working relationship with St Albans is great for everyone, so let me emphasise again, let this now be the end of the matter and let’s hope both clubs have a successful end to the season”, he concluded.


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